Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let me count the ways...

In support of my denial:

1. The "classic" appearance for ACC was not seen.
2. Ventriculomegaly has not been established.
3. There are no trisomies - 10-20% of ACC cases are linked to this.
4. She doesn't have cleft lip or palate - 62% of ACC cases are linked with this.
5. All other test results are completely normal.
6. Liina said that she thinks she sees the cavum but wants to see it more prominently.
7. The experts who weighed in said to wait on it - it may look better in 2 weeeks.
8. The science is still pretty new.
9. My ultrasound wa at 18w2d. The corpus callosum is not formed until 18 weeks with maximum growth between 19-21 weeks.
10. The most consistent finding is a teardrop shape to the ventricles. Hers are normal.
11. Consensus is that diagnosis is unreliable before 20 weeks gestation.

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Callie said...

i've been thinking of you.. praying daily!

Anonymous said...

"Yep" x 11!!

The word verification below is "flugg" - where DO they come up with these things?? (random, distracting thought - comin' your way!!)

Back to Polanyi! (Dude, I so live on the edge.)

AngelsAmid said...

Sending my prayers everyday.

E_Sharp said...

These reasons all sound quite valid. Especially the fact that your u/s was at 18w. I've never heard of the big u/s being done that early. And if its big growth is in week 19, well, I really hope you get good news at your next u/s!