Friday, October 30, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

It's time to order planner pages! SQUEE!!

Everyone who knows me IRL knows that I am a dedicated, die-hard Franklin Covey user. I have been using the planning system for 12 years now and I am convinced that I wouldn't have accomplished a thing without it. Oh, I have tried some variations on this general theme (software on my palm pilot, a spiral-bound year-in-one FC system) but never with good results. Financial constraints one year meant that I had to begin the year without my new planner pages. It was a complete disaster. Having learned my lesson the hard way I am sure to never start the year without my new planner pages and I don't deviate from the original system.

This year though I am trying a little twist: I designed my own planner pages. It was a complete PITA to gather, upload, and edit all the pictures that I wanted to use throughout the year in the planner. I got my pages today and I am soooooo excited!! They look great! I'll probably spend a good part of the day working on setting up my planner and thinking about my goals for the new year.

The other thing I'm trying to do is replace my old Spacemaker binder. The thing is 12 years old and falling apart. The newer ones they have are truly awful though - I mean, really gross. I might have to replace my rings and keep using this one.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Resurrection Fern

My utter devotion to Iron and Wine is no secret. Love them. Never grow tired of them. Here is the song that is currently haunting me. I simply can't get enough of at the moment:

Thursday, October 22, 2009


A few weeks back I was holding her and it occured to me, " Frick, I really love this kid." I mean like really, REALLY love you love someone you have known for a long time. Not that I didn't love her before that moment but it's different now in such a wonderful way. Every day is just more wonderful than the one before it and life is so much better with her in it. I could kick myself for waiting so long to have kids.

Tim is over the moon that she can do this. She hasn't rolled over on her own yet.

I LOVE how she is trying to look all foxy hanging out in her Bumbo. It's tough to flirt in a Bumbo, man. That thing is creepy if nothing else.

We took this picture only to prove that she does sleep in her crib. She does it every night, all night long and usually without waking up. We are lucky and we know it. 

Name Penant

On her first 'real' day, the nanny sheepishly asked me if Ada's name was "Eva". We thought we chose a name that would be pretty darn easy it turns out to be more complicated for most people than we thought. Sigh. Our poor babe. She is cursed to go through life saying, "Ada. A-D-A. Shepherd, like the dog or the biblical sheep herding person."

I already had this little project in the works and I can't say that I'm sad about it now! I am seriously resisting the urge to sew ric-rac on everything in my path. I love ric-rac so much! Behold: Ada's name penant.


P.S. Ada had her vax round #2 today. I think it hurts me more than her. She is napping now.

P.S.S. I miss my Florida hookers so much that I am actually listening to country music. Something distinctly Latin is up next followed closely by some very raunchyhoopty.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adios Night Float!

...and don't let the door smack you in the ass on your way out!

Tonight is Tim's final night float for forever  (theroetically). We've been at this on and off since he started his internship in June 2006 so I can't say that I'm sorry for it to be over. He has taken single nights here and there in internship and one full rotation of nights. It's comical - we've actually passed each other on our street while I'm coming home from work and he is leaving to go to work! How couples survive this way is beyond me. Last year his program went to full weeks of working every night. When I was first pregnant he did a full month of nightfloat. That was fine because all I wanted to do was sleep anyways - neither of us missed a thing. He had another week when Ada was about 5 weeks old. This is his last week and now his last night. No more desperately trying to keep the baby quiet in the day so he can sleep! No more cases of Diet Coke in the pantry! No more foil over all the windows in the bedroom! Woo hoo!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First week back at work

It wasn't too bad!

It was great to see everyone and catch up. I got to see some of my old clients who had waited for me to come back - yay!! It's so nice to be appreciated. Really. Send your vet some happy mail. I like to read my happy mail on those days when everything is going so wrong.
I got to work with some relief vets who are just fantastic. I truly love the vets I work with - I have such genuine caring and concern for them. I'm happy to back among them. That's one of the very best parts of my job.

Ada did well with Alicia, our nanny. She actually reached out for her one morning as I was leaving for work! I didn't call home to check in on Monday as I was on ER and pretty busy. Alicia called me on Tuesday to let me know that Ada was doing well! So funny! I'm not worried about the immediate stuff...I was initially worried about getting back on the horse that is veterinary medicine. That's been fine. It really is like riding a horse although I find myself being a little slower and more deliberate - rechecking dosages and the like. It will all shake out in the wash given some time.