About Peeper

This blog is a summary of me, Peeper. Peeper was the name of my first bunny. I started using 'peeper' as my online name when email was still in it's infancy and I've just never changed. By now, if I tried to use a different name nobody would know it was really me!

My first blog post was an experiment. I continued to dabble in it for a while with no particular purpose in mind other than a way to augment other ways I was connecting with people.

Then I finally became pregnant. There was more going on that I wanted to record.

When I was 36 weeks pregnancy my mom was diagnosed with lymphoma.
When Ada was 11 weeks old, my mom died.
Then I shut down for a while.

I didn't have my mom around to ask questions and advice from any more. And what I found I wanted the most - reassurance that she loved me and forgave me for all the times I was cruel or drove her nuts - was nowhere to be found. A large part of working through that time was imagining what might happen for my daughter Ada when I die. I never, ever want her to be without complete understanding that I loved her more than anything else. She will always have access to the stories and memories of her childhood whether I'm here to tell them or not. And that's when this blog was really born.

Peeper Summarized is my history with my daughter - as it is being written. There are stories about what we're doing often illustrated with pictures. There are statements about parenting issues - my opinion and an explanation of it. There is a playlist since music is another language of the soul. And there is a comment section where you can leave a message (to me and/or Ada) or voice your opinion.

One day, I will print it all for her. I hope that knowing me this way will help her understand herself, will help her forgive me for whatever parenting mistake(s) I will inevitably make and will give her strength in knowing just how loved she was from the moment we saw two little pink lines.

Thanks for reading. In doing so, you become a part of our history too!