Sunday, November 29, 2009

The end of a wonderful weekend

Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went over to Jen's parents house for dinner. The food was great, Ada was welcomed with open arms and the company was fantastic. After dinner we were sitting on the floor of the living room. Ada had decided that she was finished playing on the playmat so I had her in my lap. She was staring at Jen's dad with complete fascination. She reached for him so he took her to his lap and asked, "Does she have a pop pop nearby?" So sweet!

I spent Friday playing and snuggling with Ada. I didn't get out of my pajamas until almost 3:00!

Moira and I went to the farmers market and then took Ada to go shopping. Ada was a tropper but the timing was not so great  as she fell asleep just minutes before I went into the dressing room. She was transferred easily to Moira and there she slept while I tried on party tops and tried to figure out what is going to work for me now. I'm pretty much back where I was pre-pregnancy but just cause you can squeeze into it doesn't mean it fits.

Dad and Rob brought crab and sourdough bread for lunch. We feasted! Yum!! As a souvenir from Mexica they brought a little dress for Ada. It's really cute. they also let us know that there will be no adult gift exchanges this year. It's been tough in real estate.

That night (Saturday was like having 3 days in one) we met Moira back over at Jen and Andrews house.  It was fun to hang out with friends and I didn't want to see the weekend come to an end.

Friday, November 6, 2009

She Rolled Over

Oh. My. God.

Tim and I have been wondering when in the heck she would roll over?!  This morning Ada and I were settling in for some quality tummy time. I turned to get her Jungly Tails book and a couple of the birds I made for her and as I turned around I caught her just in time!! That little monkey! I squeeled with delight and dropping her toys clapped my hands almost reflexively. Tim came running in to see what was going on so I put her on her belly again and she just flipped right over as if it were nothing. One more time to rule out a fluke! We were beaming and carrying on like fools.

Ada's First Halloween

For the third year in a row we went to Belvedere St. I doubt we'll ever do anything else on Halloween! It's a perfect Halloween outing for us and it turns out to be perfect for Ada too!

We didn't dress her up - I couldn't think of a costume that would work with the Moby. I guess I could have made us into a mummy and baby but I just now thought of it. Instead she wore an orange footie and pumpkin bib. Thank goodness Halloween wasn't a week later. In a matter of days she went from fitting into this footie to busting out of it! They grow so fast....

 We also didn't carve a pumpkin. We aren't doing a very good job of introducing our daughter to Americana! However, we did find a guy dressed as Cookie Monster. I love Jim Henson so much that I was magnetically drawn to the CM.I love it that I'm totally psyched to be felt up by Cookie Monster while Ada is non-plussed. This guy got so much action for Halloween that Tim has decided to be a Sesame Street character next year.

For the most part Ada was just looking around at people but was largely disinterested. This is good for two resasons:
1. It is nothing like the night before it when we tried to go to a Halloween party and she just cried and screamed in terror. We had to leave within 10 minutes. Now, the party was hosted by a Cole Valley moms group woman who I also work with. It was perhaps the most benign Halloween party in history as more than half of the guest list was under 2 years of age.

2. She's not asking for candy yet. I don't know how to tell her all that corn syrup will ruin her liver.
A few other random pictures of Ada looking slightly more interested.