Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

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Check out Rebekah's site for more 10 on 10 fun - The objective is to take one picture every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of the month. I was introduced to some really fun blogs last month just by poking around. 

I am one of 14 veterinarians at a large practice. We do a lot of what people typically expect small animal veterinarians to do but there is a large shelter and adoption center as well. I love what I do. Count the number of kittens pictured here. That's only a fraction of what I got to cuddle today. 

There were a few special challenges today. One was to not let the camera be invasive. I did ask some clients if I could take a picture of their pet and I explained exactly why because I'm honest like that. The other tricky part was not violating HIPPA rules and regulations. Privacy is important. The last catch was to not post 10 pictures of kittens because I could have done that. Nothing holds a candle to a kitten. Well, maybe a baby bunny offers up some competition but it's a close call. 

6:30 AM
This one is happy as a lark in the morning IF she has been presented with a bottle of warm milk in a timely fashion. Reminds me of her mothers demand for coffee. 

7:30 AM
This is the view I get to drink in every morning when I leave my house and go to my car.
There is St. Ignatius. More distant and to the right is the tip of the Golden Gate Bridge. Off in the distance toward the left is Mt. Tam. 

8:30 AM
This morning we had a doctors meeting from 8-9. I couldn't drag my camera in there. My boss just wouldn't understand. So I took a picture of Max once the meeting was over. One of the vet's I share an office with saved his life. 

9:30 AM
16 year old female spayed domestic short hair. Presenting complaint: muscle weakness. Diagnosis: hypokalemia secondary to chronic renal failure.
She's a chatty cat and her owner loves her to the moon and back. 

10:30 AM
A few moments at my desk to catch up on charts. One thing I didn't count on when I became a vet was all the damn paperwork I would have to do. It's really kind of a pain in the ass.

11:30 AM
Sample cups for blood work. 

12:30 PM
She was found in a storm drain. 

1:30 PM
Every now and then the stars align and a perfect combination of I-busted-my-ass and I-just-got-really-lucky comes together and I get to leave work for a short time to go run. I don't love the treadmill the very best but I'll take what I can get these days. Besides, they have showers there. If I can get 35 minutes to go run then I will go run the hell out of those 35 minutes. 

2:30 PM
Stopped by Peets to get coffee beans for the morning. 

3:30 PM
4 week old male intact domestic medium hair. Presenting complaint: poor doer, diarrhea, dehydration. Diagnosis: open.
How pathetic is he? Skin and bones but loud and bossy. This shelter really does about everything possible for the animals that stay with us. I think that once he is old enough and well enough he will be snapped up out of our shelter in a heartbeat. 
And just like that Ten on Ten is over. I took more pictures after this one because I couldn't remember how many hours I had taken pictures for! Doesn't matter. Statistics say that another ten on on ten will fall on a work day so I'll shift and document the second half of the day rather than the first.

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