Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr. McDreamy

Look who passed his oral board exams.


It's been 13 years in the making between undergrad, med school, internship, and residency but this man is finally a board certified radiologist. We are celebrating.


I didn't doubt for a moment that he passed. I knew the minute I met him that he would do every single thing he ever seriously set out to do. He would hear none of it, full of anxiety and self-doubt this past week. I talked to Melissa yesterday and she asked, "did he feel devastated cuz I can't imagine leaving an exam like that and not feeling devastated." She gets it, which is only one reason I'd totally take on anyone for her: Mel "gets it" when it comes to most things. She's a board certified emergency and critical care veterinarian. She can relate to the process and that's nothin' to shake a stick at. The love of my life has been in misery.


And praise Jesus that he passed because if we had to keep this up until the re-take in November I seriously can't say with any confidence that our family would have survived. It's been a looooooong road, folks. So if you find me defending medical professionals, please understand that I've been there. I AM there. I've seen the sleepless nights (for everyone), the delayed gratification, the work, the sacrifice, and felt the absence of my husband when I really needed him. It's unreal that the doctors who care for you go through all of this shit only to be Googled and blamed for the fiscal problems (you do know that we drive a piece-of-shit Grand Am, right? That thing has been damaged so many times we don't even notice new scuffs anymore). Do you doubt? Next time you encounter any MD ask them about oral boards. Be prepared to watch their faces fall and their chests sink in. Hey, if we're being honest we can discuss that the money ain't what it used to be and God knows the respect is so far gone. For the record, our net worth is still negative.

So off I go to enjoy spending time with my family. It's been months and I couldn't be more excited to be a family of three rather than a family of a couple compensating for an extraordinary circumstance. Blessedly, she doesn't  seem to have noticed.



I'm about 2/3  done with a post about what's been really happening. It'll be up soon.

One last thing: our celebration includes going to bed before the sun has completely said "Good night". I love this moment.

2 Lovies:

Heather said...

YAY!!! Congrats to all of you for surviving the last several months. I was there, I saw the stress. All my love!! Hugs and kisses!

Lisa said...

SO happy for all of you! :)