Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Wild Ride

If life is comprised of meandering swivels, erratic zig-zags, and wide oscillations then we're still accelerating out of a long, sharp bend in the road. It's hardly the first time and, to be truthful, I'm getting pretty good at holding on even if it's not always been the most graceful process. In fact, I do better than just "hold on" most of the time. If there is a big lesson to be learned over the past few years then it is this: Recognize which life circumstances can be changed and then learn how to think differently about the ones that you can't change.

The end of Tim's training has been dangling in front of us like a giant, golden carrot. This past weekend we got a little closer when he graduated residency. I am so proud of him. He is brilliant, has an amazing work ethic, and is a great team player. He's also a great Dad to our daughter and a loving husband.



One year of fellowship remains and then we are free agents. The vastness of possibility returns and with goal attained, we can let our roots sink deeply wherever we land. There is nothing I have ever wanted more than stability in my family life. We have waited so long and worked towards this so diligently...I'm sure you've had this feeling. It's like the month before your wedding or the week after thanksgiving: nothing is actively happening yet, but the big day is close enough to start getting really excited.

Tim's Mom came for his graduation and to watch Ada while we are in Seattle for a couple of days. I am once again transported to Grandparent land and it is just as lovely as ever. I can see why people look forward to this phase of their lives. They really do have the chance to do nothing but enjoy their grandchildren in this amazing, magical stage. What parent doesn't crave more cuddling and story time for themselves?


Judy likes to point out things Ada did or said during the days - things that I've seen her do or say before but absorbed and processed differently. It's fun to see my child through the eyes of another person. Maybe it's because I see her every day or maybe it's because I don't have a lot of experience with kids to compare it too but I have a tendency to let her accomplishments be celebrated momentarily and then absorbed quickly into our daily routine. Maybe I should make a bigger deal of things for longer. For example, it's only over the past week or two that Ada is talking up a storm and using full sentences too. She's saying things like, "there's the mommy," and pointing out every time there is an airplane overhead. Her sweetness and cleverness has extended from her by her words now. I love the sound of her voice too - angels singing.

There has been a healthy dose of getting spoiled to death by her grandmother too. The iPad is ruinous. Ada is totally addicted:


While we were getting ready for Tim's graduation she played in Judy's makeup:


A little lipstick and a kiss. 

She ate ice cream:


She learned to shoplift...or something. Ada is playing with these little craft puff balls. Judy made this video with her phone and sent it to me at work:

Thanks, by the way for all the supportive comments and emails on the last post. Deep down, I know I'm a good mother but it really helps to know that I'm not alone in those rare ugly times.

2 Lovies:

Lisa said...

It is awesome to see your child through another's eyes. It makes you love them that much more. :)

christina said...

i always find it so neat to see how kids can look like their parents... yet they can look like their grandparents, too. Ada looks a lot like you, but seeing these pics, she also looks a lot like your MIL. :)