Friday, June 24, 2011

Buckets of Summer

A few months ago my summer bucket list, modest though it is, came to me in a flash. I scribbled it down on the white board in the kitchen in hot pink Sharpie. There it stayed until last weekend when I cleaned the kitchen for Ada's birthday party.

"Crap!" I thought, "I really need to get moving on this!"

And then I realized that I live in San Francisco and for us summer isn't half over. Rather, it's just getting started. It's not uncommon to be down in the Haight at 6:00 pm some early August evening watching the fog literally roll down the street as the temperature drops perceptibly by tens of degrees over the course of an hour. You can tell who the locals are because we're toasty warm and happy in our jeans, sweaters, scarves and winter jackets while the tourists are shivering in their flip-flops and sun dresses. Poor things.

Point is, we have plenty of time. Good thing since some of these were carried over straight from last years summer bucket! I also realized that most of my list revolves around food. It's just an observation.


  • find a great pair of bright colored flats
  • July 4th somewhere warm
  • make rhubarb ice cream
  • make home made mozarella
  • picnic GGP
  • camp in a tent overnight
  • Taylor's peach tomato corn salad
  • make matching yellow aprons
  • plant veggies
  • strawberry jam
  • wear yellow

OK, a few random things to catch up on:

Our friends Jen and Andrew had their baby daughter - on Ada's birthday/ fathers day. This little coincidence is endlessly amusing to me with no real reason.

Waiting for Tim to get us when we returned the rental early Tuesday morning. Ada wouldn't put on pants so she wore a shirt and her tights. I pick my battles...
See the red American Classic off in the distance? Bitch came back from vacay after all...

Last week the American Classic decided she needed a week-long vacay at her favorite spa, The Cole Garage. Ada and I were hanging around in Cole Valley waiting for the rental car people to come pick us up.   We sat outside the Boulange de Cole to share yogurt with granola, the only reason I endure the worlds rudest service. At the next table was a baby I recognized from the playground. Her mom and I started talking and she offered that she sees Ada at the playground with the nanny all the time and that Ada is the nicest kid there. She shares and brings the other kids toys and snacks. My little benevolent Heart. I know she's a super loving kid, but this was fun to hear from a relative stranger.


Ada learned all about MUNI (choo-choo!) and buses. I must say - every single MUNI driver waved at Ada, which I thought was nice. Airplanes are another mode of transportation that my Heart is completely obsessed with. She points them out everywhere, "Airplane!? Airplane?!" Yesterday I took her to a little park near SFO. We sat on a bench and watched across the water of the San Francisco bay as planes landed and took off. My father-in-law would be mortified that my summary of the Bernoulli principal included, "the plane goes really, really fast until it FLYYYYYS up into the air!" I had my camera but my Heart was too overcome by a mix of excitement and fear at being so close to the planes (we weren't really that close). She clung to me like a baby moneky so no pics.

We are looking forward to a weekend of breakfast dates and afternoon activities. I got three separate emails that other little ones were asking specifically to play with Ada. If Ada had the language to express it I'm sure she'd be asking for them too. I love it! Maybe my Heart won't follow after the Dad and I when it comes to social graces after all. Thank God.


Happy weekend. Do you have a summer bucket list? Do you know why we don't make a winter bucket list? Or a spring or fall one?

* Pics with my Droid this week. Camera will be back in my hands this afternoon. 

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Hi! I'm Aitch said...

Awesome! Mikey loves buses and trains and planes and everything that moves. Our time in England told us that he could not care less about playing in the countryside if there's a city with public transport nearby.

I can't wait to get him up to SF and show him some MUNI love!