Friday, June 10, 2011

Ten on 10

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Check out Rebekah's site. The objective of Ten on 10 is to take one picture every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of the month. This is the third official time I've participated and I find myself pushed to look for  and document the beauty in every day life. Her blog is lovely beyond Ten on 10 so do take a look. 


Spinarette on the front porch. Ada likes to climb up on the couch to look at it spinning. Sun? Check. Wind? Not according to the spinarette. It's shaping up to a beautiful day. 


Judy brought foam puzzles when she visited. Ada is smitten with them and plays with them non-stop. 


This barrette lasted all of 10 minutes - nearly a record for longevity. She won't stand for anything in her baby fine, sweet hair. 


Nap time. I love these feet. I had no idea that something as simple as my child's feet held the power to drive me to madness for my love of them. 


She obsessively peels the paper from all of her crayons and I have the good fortune to find the shavings all over the house. Ada is just stirring from her nap. 


We met two women I worked with at the park today. This playground is at the edge of the Presidio and overlooks the Golden Gate bridge, north bay, and Mt. Tam. It was a sunny day in SF - barely a cloud to be seen and no fog - rare for this time of year on this side of the city. 


Still at the park. Maybe this is why Erika, Christy and I would all get out of work so late when we worked together. We can't stop talking...and I love it! Ada is sifting through Erika's bag looking for a snack. Everyone else's goods are way better than whatever she has. 


These were mine when I was a baby. I want to bronze Ada's first baby shoes too. These are dusty - I want to hire someone to come every couple weeks because I can't keep up anymore. I've been vetoed. 


Yes, we are back to the foam puzzles. 

Sadly, Annalea closed her Etsy shoppe a few weeks back. When she announced it, I was sad but went to have a look. This gem was in the shoppe early on but was bought up quick. I saw one there and knew it was destined to be mine. She has a great explanation of where "Hold Fast" comes from and while I do like the biblical reference I find that seeing these two little words are a great reminder and cheerleader to me. 

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reeve said...

love your set!!

JulieBGreen said...

I was born in Mill Valley and am ever so smitten with that Golden Gate! Love your set!

Katie said...

I don't think I've ever seen a playground with sand before. Too cool!

Love the hoop art.

christina said...

Wow. i'm not sure what i'd do if i ever went to a park with that kind of view!!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

love your post!

baby feet are pretty awesome... well... babies in general are pretty awesome. :o)

Lora said...

i love all of these photos - so great! (esp the crayon papers..)