Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm All Grown Up Now

Part of growing older is knowing and accepting yourself. This is easier said than done. Especially when you push your own envelope, do things you are afraid of, and put yourself out there every day. It can be easy to let the seed of doubt be planted and take root when things don't go your way.

The wrinkles and gray hairs are the proof that I'm slowly getting to a place where failure doesn't shake me like it used to. So I'm ready to accept a few not-very-deep things about myself:

  • I like trashy novels and reality TV
  • I don't like spicy food or scary movies
  • I will never blow dry my hair and put on make-up every day
  • I prefer to wear black
  • I have junk in my trunk. Been there since puberty. Doubt it's leaving.
  • I love cute shoes
  • I love anything styled after the 40's but not so much that I'm willing to commit my style to that only
  • I am judgmental and don't forgive easily
  • I suck at team sports, especially if any kind of trajectory object is involved
  • I don't like overhead lighting or animal print clothing
  • I'll never be a dancer or a Rhodes scholar or a supermodel
  • I like time alone - lots and lots of it
  • I will always choose Bobbi Brown over MAC
  • I love massages and pedicures
  • I enjoy silence
  • I like nature but I don't like to rough it
  • I like to clean - for fun

Now that you're older, what wouldn't you, couldn't you have accepted about yourself when you were younger?  Pouring My Heart Out over at Shell's place

5 Lovies:

Lisa said...

I had a hard time accepting the junk in my trunk. Till I got voted best ass in the group.

And you know what? I still got the best ass in the group.

Heather said...

I wanna be like you when I accept being all grown up.

Adrienne said...

I loved this! I've had to accept some things about myself lately that are hard to swallow. 1. I cannot do it alone. Don't be afraid or too prideful to accept help. 2. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression, and I started taking something for it, and I'm happy about it! LOL

Shell said...

Such a great list! You definitely know yourself.

I am now okay with my need for quiet. I used to feel like there was something wrong with me if I needed to get away for a little while. Now, I know that's just how I am.

Judy said...

I wish I loved to clean - I do love that about you. It's the Nancy in you!