Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting a Message

Katie sent a birthday card to Ada. It reminded me that it was about this time last year that we visited Portland and fell in love with my friend's new home. Something about the city opened my mind wide, inviting my to dream and dream big. We are a year closer to being able to go after those dreams with all our might. The countdown is about to begin. Details on that someday really soon.

Welcome to the world Lily!

The universe might be sending me a message. Last weekend we visited our friends who had a baby girl the same day as Ada's birthday. Today I got to hold and snuggle a co-workers 8 month old baby and it was divine. The weight of a baby just kicking her legs and gurgling because she is happy? Oh, how I want one! She made me think that drinking Chinese herbs every night might actually be worth it.

It's an interesting thing - there is little else you can really think about besides having a baby when you are trying to conceive. Any woman who has tried unsuccessfully, maybe even suffering a loss along the way, can relate to this especially. So something as arbitrary as my summer bucket list is readily reduced to a list things we might or might not get around to. I guess it's a good thing that I feel so complacent about the summer bucket list since we can already cross off "spend July 4th somewhere warm" - Tim is on call this weekend so we can't leave the city.

What I'm saying is that I want another baby so that we can have more moments like this:


Last Sunday when I was at work Ada found the diaper rash cream when she should have been taking a nap. She rubbed it all over the crib, her sheet, her clothes, and herself, including her hair. That stuff isn't easy to wash out, by the way, so the next morning she had a crazy hair thing going on: greasy up front and frizzy in the back. It's a new kind of baby mullet.



The weekend was full of time to play with friends, breakfast dates, pre-preschool...very fun and active.


Getting a decent picture of a two-year-old turns out to not be an easy thing to do. They really want to know what that hulking black thing is! 

The result was one satisfied, happy, tired girl. It worked out well as we plowed forth to our week. She is so much more tolerant of Tim and I taking care of business when she is filled up with love and attention from us.  There was business to take care of too. I chuckled to myself as some co-workers were cooking up the idea to get our workplace it's own reality TV show. There is enough drama there that it could totally happen. I have 5 days off in a row. I know, unheard of, right? the winds just happened to blow this way and I am thankful.    


Peaceful dreams...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry it was late arriving!! Wish a repeat trip and visit would happen ;) I love your baby girl and wish we could hang out more often than once a year. But, at least I get to see her grow and here your thoughts on your blog. Love you!! Katie

Anonymous said...

grr - hear. And, by the way, the pictures of Ada's mullet/fro are priceless!!

Serendipitie said...

I'm hoping for both of us! xoxo Thinking of you!

YaraC said...

Oh my gosh, her hair was fantastic! The diaper rash cream thing happened to a friend of mine also. Not easy to wash away something designed to repel water.