Monday, December 7, 2009

You are going to be so jealous

I got a package at work today. Here is what I found inside:

What is this beautiful medallion? Why it's the Cat Writer's Association Muse Medallion, of course. You probably didn't know that there was such a thing as a Cat Writer's Associaion. It's OK, I didn't either. In fact, the technicians went skipping over to a computer to figure out what this accolade was for and if they sent it to me by mistake.

VIII.3 – Color Photograph (single)
Judge’s comment: “It told a story. The image stayed with me for days. Adorable! Intriguing lighting. It’s so uniquely the essence of kitten.”
Dr. Monica Shepherd, “Frankie Meets Her Shadow” Our Animals

The website explained it all. I won this award for a photo I took of our foster kitten, Frankie. She was playing with her newly discovered shadow on Christmas day 2008 and I caught the whole thing on film. The photo appeared in the magazine that my organization publishes as part of a larger story. Unfortunately, that article isn't available online. For your enjoyment, here is the winning photo:

3 Lovies:

Mandi said...

You are right- extremely jealous!

Diana said...

Congrats! Great picture, I'm sad I can't read the whole story, I'm sure it was very entertaining :-)

Anonymous said...

good thing you keep your floors clean!