Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

I sometimes like to approach problems/questions in a way that it perhaps a little unconventional.  I put the thought out there and let the universe take care of the rest. Whenever I do this the universe brings to me the perfect solution to the problem. The task of finding the perfect "Baby's First Christmas" ornament for the tree was no exception. I've been casually looking but pretty much everything I've seen is just cheesy or super's just going through the motions.

Last night we went to Cole Valley Hardware to get our Christmas tree. It has become a San Francisco tradition that Tim or one of his brothers has to carry it up the hill. Some sort of bragging rights thing that an only child like me simply can not relate to. When I went inside to pay for our tree I saw it: the perfect ornament for Ada's first Christmas.


We also did the Santa thing. When we made a weekend trip to San Luis Obispo we stayed at a place called The Apple Farm. This place is like how Disney would do Americana country decor. Not quite our style but it was really nice. One of the things they are known for is the amazing Christmas decorations. It was truly amazing! Santa was therethe morning we checked out. We seized the opportunity to get a few shots of Ada with Santa - in fact we had to plan carefully in order to get a few pics the second she was handed over to good old St. Nick because of the high likelihood that our daughter would scream in terror (see the Halloween post for a refresher).

What we didn't realize is that you can't go see Santa anymore without wearing your Christmas best. Apparently these are the photos that end up at Shutterfly becoming the cards we all get. The other parents were all too happy to explain this to us. They were also happy to judge Tim and I out loud for having messed up so terribly. Whatever. Ada was still the cutest baby there even though she had on jeans and a pink t-shirt...