Friday, August 6, 2010

We're back!

If you've checked in over the past few weeks you may have noticed that the only thing updated was the playlist - there was a clue in there. We were in Ohio (and New York). I started to post about this trip we were going to be on for 2 weeks and then thought better of it given how the interwebz work and all.

Anyhoo, the skeleton of the trip breaks down like this:
1. Transcontinental travel with a toddler is not for the weak. I became "that woman with a screaming baby". Further, I won the contest between Tim & I because I had more of Ada's bodily fluids on me by the end of the first flight.

2. Family: it's not always what you thought it was.

3. Ada is only satisfied with full-body contact at all times. I am exhausted.

4. This was our "twighlight tour" of Ohio. I have no reason to return. It was emotional and too often, disappointing. I am still sorting through the details of my feelings. I might post about them or I might not.

5. It is completely worth it to indulge in the extra-long massage.

Tim's brother got married last Saturday. Everything was lovely :) Big events like this are different with a toddler. Take, for example, passing the bride in the hotel hallway as she is headed down for her big debut. I weakly explained that Ada had just dropped an exceptionally stinky load in her diaper. Quick change and I was back before the big walk. Not that it mattered - I spent the rest of the evening keeping Ada from screaming at all the wrong moments.

I did find Tim's cousin + family of 3 small children at the wedding and had some bonding time with them. In a situation like it starts to feel like the only people who aren't looking at you as if you were a complete asshole with a screaming baby are the other people with babies. They know how it is. If the ceremony starts at naptime? Well, you just do your best and that's that.

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Aunt Barbara said...

I wish we would have had more time together. I loved our little visit and can't wait to come and visit you! Love you! Aunt Barbara