Sunday, August 15, 2010

I might have thrown a decent party

A few things I've learned about Moira over the past 3 years:
1. she likes the look of sewn paper
2. she likes gray
3. she's married to an astrophysicist
4. she loves it when people have fun

Pride is one of the seven deadly sins and all but I don't think it's too wrong to feel like you did a mostly good job at something.  I tried real hard and worked at it a lot and, perhaps I'm wrong, but I think Moira's baby shower was kind of nice. Of course, there are a few changes I would make in retrospect and one of her presents didn't show up on time but even still...

I didn't get pictures of the food...too bad as I think that came out reasonably OK too.

The scene:


Moira & Ben, the parents-to-be:


The mantle:
The banner is inspired by Annalea.


Baskets. Those were sugar cookie favors that I forgot to force on people as they left. I think there were 6 dozen cookies left over.


The mobile:


The paper garland was inspired by Annalea. You can see a bigger view in one of the pictures above and here is a close-up:


A happy, but tired and a bit loopy, hostess watching Tim lead his mystery baby food game


3 Lovies:

Judy said...

I love the stars - did you make them? What are they made from? I can picture you in your own craft/sewing room in a few years!

Connie said...

I love Ada in the store...such a cutie pie. You did a lot of hard work and it looks awesome.

annalea said...

this looks great! i love the way your stars turned out - that paper is gorgeous.

and happy birthday!