Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heat Wave

While the rest of the country has been baking we smug San Franciscans have been laughing our asses off at all of you.

"Ha ha ha!" we laugh. "The temperatures here are so moderate!"

 And we feel very proud of ourselves for choosing to live in a place with such very fine weather (although my mother-in-law would adamantly disagree).

I am a fan of justice - but much less so when it bites me in the ass. And while I really, really didn't like the heat of Florida at least that state was prepared to deal with it. San Francisco, on the other hand, is completely not prepared.
At all.
Today the temperatures reached 97 degrees farenheit in the Mission. I think it reached about 93 degrees in my house. I really did wear my long, robin's egg blue, wool coat and a scarf to the store on Friday night - I wasn't exaggerating that. And on Saturday night we sat outside at Va de Vi under a heat lamp and I contemplated NOT ordering the blondie sundae with carmel sauce for dessert because it took an extra 12 minutes to prepare and I was cold. Then I realized how dumb a thought that was so I hugged my arms tighter to me and I ordered it (it was my birthday, after all).

As I sit here writing this I am wearing boxer shorts with monkeys on them and a tank top. I am hot. We have nothing that even remotely resembles AC in this house. When Tim got home I sent him down to the garage to unearth our one fan that was being stored down there. Our whole house has slowed down...considerably... we are slow like how houseflies get when it's really hot.

Ada - sans sleep sack and with the one fan oscillating to keep her cool. Still, with that swamee-style blankie on her head...


The cats are all outstretched, lazying around or pressed up against the window screens. Poor pampered creatures...


And best of all? Tomorrow is the end of my work week. I get to spend time with this one. Oh my gosh, she is so funny and so damn smart these days! Today she got to running across the room and just fell right onto her face. These things take practice. She got right up and off she went again, giggling, and mouth wide open. That is the happiness, the perseverance, the spirit that I want to preserve for as long as possible.



That face on the right is cracking me up. She never looks so mischievous as this but here she looks like she is thinking up something good...and so bad!

3 Lovies:

TTC a lil F said...

I have read most of your blog after stumbling on it from TB. I am up a lot with an infant and started to read a little of the past month and ended up backtracking to before you were pregnant. You are an amazing writer. Just wanted to pop my head up and say hello. Your little girl is darling! I hope you survive the heat.

Connie said...

I always wondered how my girls breathed when they did the blanket head thing! LOL...just a cutie pie as always :)

Ty's Girl said...

Adorable pictures. I see that mischievious face and I think she looks more and more like her beautiful mom!!