Thursday, March 11, 2010


I look forward to Wednesday nights with an excitement that practically equals Christmas Eve when I was 7 years old. It marks the start of my weekend and my three days with Ada. Thursday mornings are the best part: fresh from sleep, Ada is ready to snuggle, talk, and play. I love it.
Today started off like any other Thursday. Tim brought me coffee in bed because he is the very best husband. He knows how much this small gesture means to me: it is a true way of saying "I love you." Then he brought me a bottle of formula. Finally came my sweet, warm, wiggly baby daughter. She settled into my left arm and in my half-asleep haze I gave her the first bottle of the day. God help me - I hope I can always conjure the memory of the sound of her soft hum as she drinks her bottle. Music to my ears.

We played in the bed for a while. At the moment, she loves it have her feet played with - especially if you clap them like hands. Hysterical!! Why are baby feet so damn cute?

Then I decided that she doesn't spend enough time in the tutu I got for her on my shopping trip with Callie. Nor does she get to wear her crown from Grandma Judy nearly enough. I get the feeling that when she's a bit older I'll hardly be able to get it off her head!

She was occupied with chewing on the crown more than wearing it. It's OK. Everything goes in her mouth these days. Then Daddy came in - Joy! I love how my little girl loves her Daddy! And I love the way my man loves his little girl. Some of the sweetest moments of my memory are from the two of them together.

Later in the afternoon she was playing on the floor in her room. I came in to find her scooted around and raiding her bookshelf! No big surprise that she would make a direct dash for her books given the giant nerds that Tim and I are. The apple does not fall far from the tree and all... This was a good motivator to use the gift certificates I still had from my birthday in August and Christmas. She should have 9 new books here in the next week or two. I'm so excited!! I love reading and hope to pass this love of reading and learning on to my girl. Here is the scene I happened upon:

The night ended  with Uncle Colin and Aunt Maiken coming to town for dinner. I met them at Kezar for dinner after I had a shower - my first opportunity of the day. See, last Saturday Ada decided that she couldn't stand to have me out of her sight. It's OK to go to work as Alicia does her nanny magic and completely distracts Ada. The moment she hears my voice or sees me? It's all over. It's not enough to be in the room or even sitting next to her. No - physical contact must be made at all times. That's why I was delighted that this happened tonight. But then, my little love seems to have a special connection to her Uncle Chud. You should have seen them at the baptism. Cosmic, really!