Thursday, March 18, 2010

MRI & dinner

Tonight I took one for the team. I agreed to go into a 3T magnet and have my brain imaged. For One Hour. For my husbands research.

Yes, I am a good wife.

In truth, I don't mind it. I fell asleep in there just as I have any other time I offered images of my brain for research. When else can I grab one whole hour of time to just lay there and let my mind wander? When it's a diagnostic scan? Nah - I sit and twiddle and fidget and fret. No contrast tonight but Tim was able to get a look at my pituitary - tumor looks about the same. That's good news, right?

We decided to keep dinner light.  I started on dinner while Tim ran Ada's bath. I turned around after filling the cat food dish and saw this scene - the picture isn't cropped or staged or anything. Promise. Shouldn't dinner be this stunning every night before it even hits your plate? I love it when I feel like I am nourishing my body - not just eating.