Thursday, March 18, 2010


March 16, 2010 marked the day 11 years ago when Tim and I went on our first date.

I remember so many details of our first date. He picked my up in this dark aqua blue mini pick-up truck he was borrowing from his Dad at the time. We went to Pura Vida for dinner. I can even picture where in the restaurant we sat. We went to see It's a Beautiful Life. Then he dropped me off at the big house and asked if he could see me again. It was romantic and fun and wonderful...

Our celebrations of these milestones are calm and family oriented these days! When I got done with work I met Tim and Ada down at our favorite African restaurant Massawa. We entertained Ada, talked about our days, and then got around to reminiscing. It's been a crazy ride! Adventure. Love. Heartache. Learning. Excitement. What if, on that night, a stranger had come to the table and told us that 11 years from right then that we would be married, living in San Francisco, doing the work we are, and loving our infant daughter - what would we have said? Could we, would we have been able to believe it? Not that we're doing something so unusual or special... it's just that life is so good.

It was a night for love, apparently. Ada made a new friend. His name is Lars and he is two years old and he is an awesome pretend dinosaur! He was awe struck by Ada after she shared her Tigger with him. He ran around the front of the restaurant saying, "more Ada! more Ada!" When it was finally time to go Lars gave Ada a kiss and Ada stroked his face. Then they hugged and Lars went home. 
The days have only gotten better. Ada got an Easter package in the mail from Uncle Pat & Aunt Stephanie: a cute onesie with peas on it, this great blueberry sleeper, and some touch-and-feel books. She is loving the books! Check out my little smiley blueberry: 

Another great surprise was that Roger brought in fresh eggs from his hens. I haven't had fresh eggs since in that old house in Indiana with Heather. That was 15 years ago! We used to go to the next door neighbors house, open the screened door to the porch, and leave a dollar in the refrigerator in exchange for a dozen farm-fresh eggs. The great simplicity of won't find that in the heart of a city but I will take my unexpected surprise of eggs from a friend. Nothing beats breakfast for dinner! Delicious :-) Look how cute they are nestled in the little too-big spaces of a commercial egg carton:

Today is all about Ada and I being together and all of the healing that comes from plain, simple rest. Watching Ada sleep is pure therapy. She is my very own heart.  The sleeping baby...