Thursday, October 22, 2009

Name Penant

On her first 'real' day, the nanny sheepishly asked me if Ada's name was "Eva". We thought we chose a name that would be pretty darn easy it turns out to be more complicated for most people than we thought. Sigh. Our poor babe. She is cursed to go through life saying, "Ada. A-D-A. Shepherd, like the dog or the biblical sheep herding person."

I already had this little project in the works and I can't say that I'm sad about it now! I am seriously resisting the urge to sew ric-rac on everything in my path. I love ric-rac so much! Behold: Ada's name penant.


P.S. Ada had her vax round #2 today. I think it hurts me more than her. She is napping now.

P.S.S. I miss my Florida hookers so much that I am actually listening to country music. Something distinctly Latin is up next followed closely by some very raunchyhoopty.