Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful November: Part 2

Last week I decided to make a list each day this month of three things I'm thankful for. I invited others to join in and my mother-in-law agreed to play along. Hoorah!

This list si starting to look like 14,000 Things to be Happy About! Good, I love that book!
November 5
1. Large play rooms
2. local grocers
3. In aparment laundry

November 6
1. Baptism
2. My favorite Steve Madden pumps
3. roasted red peppers

November 7
1. Self-control
2. kittens
3. puppies

November 8
1. Taxi cabs
2. snuggling with my husband as we fall to sleep
3. water

November 9
1. Acupuncture
2. A single seat at the bar
3. Coming home

November 10
1. Rain
2. Tricycles with push handles
3. Scented candles

November 11
1. Negotiation
2. Dora. Lord, help me. Yes, I said "Dora".
3. Zazie

November 12
1. Public library
2. sugar cookies with sprinkles
3. John, may favorite guy at Lavande.

You can play too if you want to - here, by email, twitter, even in your own thoughts only.

3 Lovies:

Judy said...

Did I really read the word Dora? I am sentencing you to 4 straight hours of watching Dora videos. And I am buying you (yes you, not your 2 year old!!) a Dora Christmas gift!!
I bet you can't wait! On a more serious note I am thankful for red peppers, heated swimming pools, red wine, flannel sheets, Victoria Secret, petunias, my kindle, quilts, and much more - most of all, my family!

Judy said...

I forgot a really big "thankful" - I am thankful for tactile so we can talk to our kids and granddaughter.

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

So much good stuff! I'd like to add that I'm thankful for Converse, blocks(of all varieties), hot apple cider and Trader Joe's.