Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Connecting the Dots

Late last week I was all bejiggety.

I consider myself a relatively well-adjusted person most of the time. On occasion though it's just all too much. And while I hate being so whiney all I can say is that I'm only human: I have moments of horrible, paralyzing weakness. Sometimes I blog about those moments. I have nothing to hide, no secrets and, in this case, nothing I plan to apologize for.

At the end of that blog post I was pretty much begging for some kind of message from God. Wouldn't you know? I got it.

We were at the playground with Ada and Sophia after the Blue Angels show on Saturday when Patricia, Sophia's mom, told me about some things that made her see the human experience in a different light. Patricia and I talk about a lot of things and I love her for many reasons. But this topic was unexpected. In fact, I have no recollection of how it came about.

Since I have watched these two videos two things have happened:
1. I realized that I'm the only person on the planet to have not seen these yet.
2. I have come to the momentary conclusion that maybe the future isn't my business. Funny thing for a master planner like me to say but it might be true. In support of this I'll offer that in my experience there have been many, many things that didn't make a bit of sense until much later.

I hope it all makes sense one day. I hope, I hope, I hope.

For those who haven't seen these yet, please do carve out some time to watch or listen. I hope they inspire you or give you strength or make you think. These two speeches did all three of those things for me and I'm so glad I took the time.

Steve Jobs Commencement speech, Stanford 2005

Randy Pausch: The Last Lecture

Dear Shell, 
Thanks for giving us all a safe place to do this. 

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Lisa said...

I seriously love you.

Shell said...

Amazing videos!

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

I love these. Thank you, Monica!