Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ten on 10

I really, really dig this photo project.

The concept is to take one picture an hour for ten hours on the 10th of the month. Simple, right? Surely once an hour you can find something beautiful enough to take a picture, right?

When I see that the 10th lands on a day I'm home I feel relieved - between my daughter and the outdoors there is so much beauty. When I see it lands on a day I work? Ugh. My florescent lighting pictures pale in comparison even if mine are full of puppies and kittens!

Today I worked so I just took pictures when I wasn't seeing appointments (morning) or doing shelter medicine (afternoon). Many gaps....when I work, I work. Just how it is.

One (about 7:00 AM)
Counting down. 

Two. About 8 AM
The view as I ascend the stairs to work. The city skyline? In reality it's about 10 blocks away. See all the camper vans? Homeless people call those home. They all smell like urine. Living in the city is super glamorous sometimes. 

Three (about 9 AM)
Co-workres desk. She is from Singapore and she really is a tiny ninja with many cats.

Four (about 12 PM)
It's easier to check the weather by going online than to physically walk to find a window. If I get a glimpse of the sky at all during the day, I am lucky. 

Five (about 1 PM)
I wish I still had roller skates. Actually, I don't. This hallway reminds me of the shining. It is an accessory hallway behind all the offices and the main part of the hospital. It really does have that beige cast in real life, although I have yet to learn how to correct my white balance.

Six (about 6 PM)
The white curtains were fluttering in the breeze. So peaceful.

Seven (nearing 7 PM)
These are not clouds. Nope, that's fog rolling in to blanket the city for the night.

Eight (about 8 pm)
You have to look carefully but there are six needles. My acupuncturist puts a red warming lamp on my bare feet to keep them warm. Yes, I have strong calves, so what? I didn't try to make them be like this, they are just that way. Just like my Ukranian women ancestors. So shut up.

Nine (about 9 PM)
My reward for  a long day: the nanny put Ada to bed, Tim was on call, and I was here on my computer with a glass of wine and the smell of Aveda in the air.
I bought the picture of the cranes at Renegade a few weeks ago. As soon as I saw it I knew it was mine. The poem on the paper reads.

even grace must rest
it's wings and quiet
the sounds of trumpeting
as it lands in the fields
catching light
and wind.

Ten (about 10 PM)
I remember that my ninja office-mate gave me a black and white cat toy. She and her husband are making them to sell. I got to test it out on my cats. Paka and Puppet LOVED it. 

ten on ten button small

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Ty's Girl said...

I love this project and hope to remember to do it some month. I have also always loved (and envied)your beautiful legs!

alita jewel said...

These ordinary but beautiful captures touched me. I loved the composition, the Point of view, and the story told.

Great set


WhisperingWriter said...

Great pictures.

Your cat is really cute!

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

Fun idea! I would love to do it myself but fear it would contain nothing but my baby climbing things and my cat napping.

Shell said...

What a fun project!

Judy said...


Adrienne said...

I loved all of those photos! What a glimpse into your day!