Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cough, cough...pass the Robitussin, por favor.

Why is it that when I'm sick everything comes to a grinding halt? I'm headed into week three of a nagging, annoying cough. It would be a mistake to think I got this from my child - it's the other way around. She got it from me. Today, after 3 hours of work and a mad scramble to find someone to cover my appointments, I came home sick. I'm in bed trying desperately to stifle my coughs while listening to the "ocean" + humidifier sounds from Ada's room.

Although there has been much coughing and little sleeping in the night we are happy.

A tree in my neighborhood. Lovelife. OK, I will. 

Although Tim's laptop was stolen from his desk at work we still had a perfect day on Friday. It was my mother's birthday. I'm not going to call it anything but I will say that on that day we caught all the lights green, we got just what we needed when we needed it, the wind chimes sang quietly with Glen Millers Orchestra on Pandora, and everything I cooked tasted pretty good! In between all of this was a sick girl hugging her sick mom.

The wind chimes I hung outside our dining room window. Love the sound.

Although pregnancies are beginning and ending all around me I am at peace during this 2 week wait. Tim and I made a wish on a wish bone - the same wish. I hope it comes true and that 37 weeks from now I am holding a healthy baby in my arms. In case not, I'm ready to give it a rest for a cycle or two if this one doesn't result in a viable pregnancy. I'm just focused on loving the one I've got.


Although August in San Francisco has got to be about the most gray time of the year we are still enjoying afternoons at the playground.


Although time outside is good for all of us it means feeling the crud rattle around in my airways as I push the stroller (or worse, carrying Ada AND pushing the stroller) back up our hill. I reward myself with a warm beverage on the way to the park in anticipation of the pain on the way home.


Throwing leaves into a puddle. New form of entertainment.

Although Tim was on call for my birthday it worked out well: we have celebrated it a few different times.  One was dinner with friends at a Greek restaurant called Kokkari. I asked if someone would read my fortune in my Turkish coffee grounds. After some wavering, a tall, bald man came over to our table. He clandestinely picked up my cup, rotated it in his hand once, wrinkled his brow and asked, "Are you having a conflict?" To which I replied yes. Apparently that nasty conflict will end "sooner than you think and in your favor." Well, Amen. I hope that's true. He added, "When you leave the conflict, don't look back." Double Amen. Dude, don't worry. It may take a few months to begin to recover but leave it in the rear view mirror I will do.


Edit to add: In a Robitussin-induced haze (or maybe it was the sleep deprivation) I pushed "publish post" with no recollection of it. Perhaps that is why this post just ends. No final thoughts or anything to wrap it all up. Nope just me falling asleep and publishing the endless post. So sorry.

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Lisa said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well, but I am glad you are doing okay during the 2WW. I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

Don't PUI!!! Or do, and we'll love you anyway :)

Stasha said...

Fingers crossed! Photo of Ada looking up is perfect. What a great angle!