Monday, August 29, 2011

10 Places I Love

I've been reading finallyMom's listicles for weeks now and thinking I might participate one of these days. When I saw the topic for today I thought "piece of cake". So here is my list based on the order in which they occurred to me.

1. Home - Where my husband and daughter are is my most favorite place of all. Period.

2. My Bed - When we moved to San Francisco our bed was the first thing we bought. I knew exactly what I wanted and I wasn't screwing around. Now, it's where we sleep, read, rest, dream, and cuddle our daughter. So many beautiful hours spent there.

3. New Mexico - This was, hands down, one of the best vacations we ever took. We were so broke and in grad school but we flew to Albuquerque, collected our camping gear, rented a car, and drove all over the whole state. Every corner of that place is more beautiful and ethereal than the last.

4. St. John - It's where we took our belated honeymoon. I loved everything about it. We talk about doing a live-aboard next time we go tho the Virgin Islands.

5. Hawaii - I find myself dreaming of going back. I've been only to Maui but can't imagine there is an island I wouldn't like.

6. Portland - Ever been there? Quirky, fun, and the people are actually nice. When we visited I asked Tim if he could transfer residency programs that day. He couldn't. Bummer.

7. Middle Keys - Key West seems like a test of your consumption - food, alcohol, stuff. The upper keys are where mid-westerners go to vacation or retire. Being a mid-westerner by birth, this sort of messes me up. The middle keys are just my speed - lots of ocean life, water sports, great food, and the best: peace and quiet. I do love it there.

8. Local Playgrounds - Tim and I were talking about this the other day: how much we like taking Ada to the playground. In this city, the possibilities are limitless and mothers speak of playgrounds the way foodies speak of restaurants. We will drive across town to go to a good one (plus, usually Kathi and Sarah are there).

9. Puerto Rico - Right after graduation from vet school but before I started working I went here with my friends for Diana's wedding. It was one of the most care-free, amazing times of my entire life. We swam naked in the bath-water warm ocean every night. We drank beer on the beach in the day. We sang and danced and held hands. It was an amazing time.

10. Zazie - This local restaurant is the first place Tim and I ate together before we moved to San Francisco. It was the place we ate breakfast the morning I went into labor. We have taken visitors. I sat on the front sidewalk with Katie and cried openly about my mom dying. It was the first restaurant we went to with Ada after she was born. The owner brought dinner, already plated, and champagne to our house for Tim's birthday last year when the nanny couldn't make it.

(P.S. None of these pictures were taken by me. I found them all on Google images.)

Check it out for more lists...

11 Lovies:

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

I need to do this! When my AC is fixed and I can come up with something other than "a glacier" for 1-5 I'm all about making a listicle of fave places.

Aunt Barb said...

Places I Love
People I Love

I love San Francisco with Fisherman's Wharf, and Nob Hill, Chinatown, Sausalito, and all the other places I visited in my one day trip in the 70's.

But I love Ada, Tim, and YOU even more. I love the pictures you take. You are doing great! I love the picture of Ada looking up at you from the bottom of the brick steps, and the one of her looking up at you when she was eating, as well as the one of her in her black checkered coat throwing leaves into the puddle.

I Love you!!

Mari said...

I love it!

Of course I'm partial to #9 and would encourage a return visit. ;)

But, it's a beautiful list!!!

mommy of Five said...

ove yourlist and i was about to say, love your pictures too =0)

Stasha said...

Your blog is beautiful and I am so glad you jumped in!
I love how home and bed are poping up everywhere. You know you have it good when it makes it on the list right up there with tropical paradises.
The last one is great, what a lovely place to call your 'local hangout'. And I will quote you on the playground being for moms like restaurants for foodies!

Heather H said...

Great list! But the pictures...ooooh! Drooling over here! said...

careful- these listicles are addicting! ;)

CoffeeJitters said...

I love Portland. We try to get down there a couple times a year if we can.

Shell said...

I'm such a beach girl- so I loved seeing all these pics!

Two Normal Moms said...

Beautiful beachy places on your list! I've never been to New Mexico, but I'm sure I will love it when I finally get the chance. I've heard many great things and seen many great pics. And now I'm ready to escape to the beach...

Minivan Mama said...

All those places look magical, but I too love being with my kids and my bed the VERY best!