Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taming the Beast

Ever look at yourself in the mirror one morning and realized that you've been so preoccupied with other stuff that you haven't really looked at yourself in a long time? Then you see that your brows are all scraggly and you have Shrek feet, hang-nails on every finger, and a permanent pony tail?

Today I did something that I don't do very often. Our very practical, very skeptical nanny stayed with Ada for the day while I went from one appointment to another. It started with a haircut. Then came my feet and hands. Finally, my waxist. She did my brows. Then came the really big job. She took one look, tossed her head back, with her red lips open wide laughing in disbelief.

"What the hell? Did you lose a bet or something? Geeeez..." 

It was bad. Really bad - and I knew it too. If anyone else had reacted like that I would be too mortified to go back. But there are two things about this woman: one, if she's judging me, I can't tell and two, I'm fiercely loyal. Nothing but extreme distance or death will separate me from my waxist, even if I don't go as often as I should.

Any mother knows that it gets hard to keep up with this stuff. In fact, Carrie is a mother of two. She gets it. That's why I know she was totally right and she was totally doing me a favor. I shouldn't neglect myself that way.  When Ada was first born, I would just take her with me. Once or twice I nursed her while I got waxed. Then Carrie and I propped her up with these beautiful pillows with royal blue tassels. Then I realized that if I kept taking my daughter to this particular appointment I would be paying thousands in therapy later.

After I was all pretty I went for an hour-long run.I felt great and I look about as good as I can. It was a glorious, expensive day. I should do this more often. It's good to take care of yourself, right?