Monday, April 18, 2011

One of My Top 5 "Happy Moments"


For a solid two hours on Saturday night I looked like this while Tim quietly stood behind me holding my purse and my beer. It came to fruition: We saw Duran Duran at the Filmore. The last time we tried to do this there was a lot going on: so much so that we lost track of the tickets, which never showed up in the mail. We missed the show and I've been moping about it ever since. So when I heard they were coming again, we devised a plan to secure some tickets of our own. It ain't like the good-old-days when you used to prop up your lawn chair and physically wait outside of the Ticketmaster box office. Our plan worked and we were among the 1,200 lucky people who sold the show out in 2 minutes.


My husband is a secure man with no reason to worry that I'm headed home with a rock star at the end of the night, so I'll say it publicly: John Taylor is still hot. The band still is so fun. I like the new stuff plenty fine but it's the old stuff that gets me. I was belting out "Planet Earth" and "Rio" at the very tippity-top of my lungs because I am so reminded of being a 12-year-old girl. Back then I believed in justice and I really thought that there was a direct correlation between doing good and good things happening to you. It was a beautifully hopeful, optimistic, carefree time and I loved being transported back to it for a couple of hours.

The self-portrait is oh-so-photographically wrong for oh-so-many reasons. It was taken with my phone and it's completely untouched. But it is a pure expression of happiness and for that reason, alone I will submit it for this weeks challenge over at the Paper Mama. Check out her site for some more fun:

The Paper Mama

I forgot to mention that the first time we saw Duran Duran Tim rated it in the top 5 of "Happiest He's Seen Me." The other 4 moments? Our wedding, Ada's birth, swimming with the dolphins, vet school graduation. I think graduation might have been edged out by Duran Duran concert #2.

If you dare, share your top 5 happiest moments.

4 Lovies:

Serendipitie said...

Love love love this picture!! Glad you had a good time :) xoxo

jms said...

Love the picture!! Top 5 moments - birth of each child (that is 3), first time I saw my granddaughter, camping in Europe with Steve & kids. It is hard to pick only five - life has been so good to me!

Lisa said...

Hi. Great picture.

1. Birth of PJ
2. Birth of Maggie
3. Landing in Maui for our HM
4. Seeing the White Stripes with John
5. First time PJ (and Maggie) recongized me.

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

Love that picture! And the last time I was at the Filmore was to more than 10 years ago. Can't even remember who I saw. The Chemical Brothers? The Beta Band? Someone '90s and not '80s.