Friday, April 22, 2011

Buttoning Up

So many wonderful things are happening. Events that, only a year ago, seemed so far away that they might never get here are now just around the corner. The coming times seem to hold more power to shape the life of our family than anything else ever has... sometimes my mind is buzzing at such a high frequency it's hard to focus.

It's really here. It's really happening. We're almost done. Yesterday the invitation for Tim's graduation from residency came in the mail.

Because of the aforementioned lack of focus, there is no theme for this update. I need to button up a few thoughts before the weekend. Time lately has been wonderful but tiny incidences pop up like puzzle pieces. I'm not sure how it all fits together just yet or if it even really needs to.

Urban Recess with Kathi and Sarah. Oddly, no pictures of the girls together. Two reasons for this: one, Ada was clinging to me like a monkey baby (still at the apex of separation-anxiety) OR two, the kids were running around like lunatics. There's this long hallway with colored lights. Ada thought it was She ran the length of it countless times.


Naked Baby:
Apparently naked baby is now also a naked sous chef. Her Daddy is quite a good cook, by the way.


Swear I feel like I can't get enough no matter how I try. This baby? Like a rock now that we have a giant fleece sleepsack and she isn't throwing the covers off herself in the middle of the night causing her to get freezing cold and wake up screaming.


I had hoped that with some gentle guidance she would love books. She does. Emily's Balloon is her current favorite.


Still loving being home with her that extra day. Post-nap warm, red-cheeked, snuggly baby.


Small Appliance love:
I have it again. How? How did I live without this brilliant thing? I love my new Dyson. Totally worth every penny (thank you United States Government for the tax return).


We're lucky to have found our little group in town.


Sweet Jesus. It's just frustrating. Doing all I can until I get in to see the RE. My acupuncturist is brilliant though: I'm up to a 14 day LP - my longest ever. I would think this was really, really a good sign except for that I already POAS and it was negative. My Magic 8 Ball is full of shit. Keep in mind that the only thing missing from this documentary pictures is the wheat grass juice I slog back daily and the weekly acupuncture needles.

I know it's kind of weird, but I had to line up all this crap and take a picture.I want Ada to know that we tried really hard to give her a brother or sister. If we have another baby, I want it to know that it was so, so very yearned for.

It's on the way. We're prepared. We'll be in Santa Barbara for the weekend soaking up a change of pace.

Turned her shoe over to clean off the squished Play-Doh to find this Easter message.

Wanna know who orchestrated this? The nanny. Picked the dress, bought it, had it altered, planned the day. She loves doing this stuff. I wouldn't even dream of taking Ada myself.
Last year nobody ate the Easter eggs.
I read a study once that people stay away from fake blue foods. Theory goes that you don't seen that color in nature so much as so your mind doesn't recognize it as food. 
It occurred to me that I didn't touch those neon Easter things for fear of them. This year, we went all natural. Took time - lots of time - but I like the result and I'm not afraid to eat them.

Off to pack for our trip to Santa Barbara. Happy Easter everyone!

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christina said...

eek, i love the randomness of this post! my favorite is NAKED BABY! :) sooo sweet. she looks DARLING in her Easter photo, too, of course. can NEVER get enough of Ada!!

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the photos and reading a snippet of what's been going on in your lives. Ada is beautiful and getting so big!! Good luck on the little brother/sister. If it's meant to be, it will happen. Jayant gets a little brother sometime in July. I'm looking like I swallowed a watermelon (or two).

Serendipitie said...

I hope you're having fun in Santa Barbara! I hear ya on the Acu, wheatgrass, CBEFM, etc. LOL though if I ever have a child, they will eventually find out that I gave up on them before they came around ;o)

monica said...

naked cooking!!!! how cute

Lisa said...

Naked baby is adorable. ADORABLE.

Aunt Barb said...

Naked Baby! What a blessing she is to us all! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Easter Bunny photo. She is ADORABLE! She looks so sweet in her new Easter dress and shoes! So pretty!
I pray every night that God gives you the gift you want so much!

Love, Aunt Barb