Sunday, February 15, 2009

Registry is finally finished

My goodness...that seriously took days of work. Days. Ridiculous I tell you.

Of course, I'm going based on what all these checklists say you'll need. I'm sure I'll get a few months into it and have to ask myself, "Why on earth did you ever think this was useful?" or "Did you really think you needed 12 of these?" And yes, I leaned toward organic stuff where ever possible, which turns out to be almost everywhere. I'm sure this will bring on a huge load of criticism from my mother who will ask why I can't just buy burp cloths at the dollar store. Well, I guess I could but I don't want to. Luckily between BabiesRUs and Amazon I managed to find everything we need (or think we need) and even some stuff we just want. I am only disappointed that doesn't have a registry. Le sigh.

I am super lucky though- a woman I work with has a 6 month old girl and she has passed down to me several things including tons of clothes, swingy things, bouncy things, playmat things, and yes, even her Peg Perego infant car seat. Nice!

As an interesting aside, to access a registry you have to spell my last name correctly! This should be interesting. I thought that when I took Tim's last name I would be simplifying my life. Ha! So naive...

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Anonymous said...

Oh previously loved baby stuff - how cool is that? and yeah, I sort of ended up with many more "X" items than I needed. In fact, I'm cleaning out some of the overage from my house right now, lest I become one of those people on "Clean House" or something. too many quilts, too many sheets, too many baby blankets...but I was nesting! I figured it was the payoff for the price of admission in watching my belly grow (of course there's the ultimate payoff with actual baby!!) Nest away. It's a healthy obsession.