Sunday, February 1, 2009

At 5 weeks (above)
At 9 weeks (below)

At 12 weeks (above)
At 18 weeks (below)

At 21 weeks. Notice that I'm not bothering to show any skin anymore. Nobody wants to see that.

3 Lovies:

Cori said...

LOL - you are so funny! I love your pics. I needed a happy moment in between battling with Darth Badar (eng. stats prof whom I feel like tracking down and maiming!!) Glad you and Heather had a great time. Wish I was closer so we could just spontaneously go to lunch or something. I'm tired of being without family, even if they are cantankerous and don't like me very much. :P

Enjoy your day and keep those postings coming!! love ya man.

kim said...

Ummm... Two rounds of IVF have left me looking about 18 weeks pregnant. :(

You look great!

Violetta said...

I love your big belly!!!!
and the baby clothes... I hope you are doing well.