Friday, March 6, 2009


Sorry, all. I've been trapped at the SF SPCA for days on end working my fool ass off. I'm not sure if it's a phase of the moon or the season or what but we have been so busy and the cases have been just bizarre! I believe in the mission of where I work but the 12-14 hours a day it takes to make it happen? Not so much.

We did get away last weekend. We left Saturday morning and drove south to the Pinnacles National Monument where we did some light hiking. We carried on to Paso Robles where we stopped at a winery - Tim did some tasting and I did some sniffing. We did manage to get a nice red blend and a Viogner that I am looking forward to in a few months. We got inspired to try to take that trip to Oregon to tase the Pinot Noir's for the season in November! Squee!! We stayed at a B & B in Cambria for the night. We went to the Hearst Castle in the morning - I wasn't expecting to be amazed but I was pleasantly surprised!! It's pretty cool if you ever get a chance to go. Next up was a stop to see the elephant seals - they are done breeding and the moms are all gone but their fatty babies are left behind. We got to stop at the Phoenix for lunch - yum!! We went up to Point Lobos State Reserve for more light hiking and for Tim to check out a diving opportunity. It's quite beautiful there! Then we drove past Carmel and Monterey on our way home Sunday night. It was a short, but nice getaway!
Lazy elephant seals above. To right: Me at 25weeks.
Notice any similarities??

Back to reality, I got home last night a little after 8:00 to find Puppet had a urinary obstruction. We turned around and went back to the clinic to unblock him. Struvites. Puppet is home now - his BUN (30), Cre (2.), and K (3.9) never even went out of range and the urine wasn't bloody so it was a quick turnaround. He's home now much to Frances's disappointment.

Puppet the night before he blocked
checking out our (free) Peg Perego
infant car seat.

Beyond that we are still in super plan and save mode. It's still overwhelming but once again my job has managed to distract me so much that there isn't any time left for something as silly as worrying, planning a future, or having feelings. Pffft!