Friday, June 20, 2008

Show me the money!

I got a raise yesterday. I suppose this means I've passed the probationary period. It's a relief to have the notion that I have a steady job be validated, especially since I've been feeling the bite of impermanence lately.

The other kind of validation that is really nice is that it seems they think I'm doing a good job - coworkers, clients, and patients gave positive feedback! Plus, I feel like when I'm working, I'm REALLY working. For anyone in my field it comes as no surprise that my hours are so long, I take no breaks, and am utterly depleted at the end of the day. There is no time for anything else when I'm working. My friends who are vets are fairly nonplussed when if takes me a couple of days (or a week) to return a phone call - they are in the same boat! However, to any other person it is practically inconceivable that a J.O.B. can be so all-consuming. I'm not trying to win the "I have it worse than you" award - it's just nice to have your hard work and dedication acknowledged. I think everyone feels like that to some extent regardless of the "job".

Finally, I'm excited about what this mean financially. I think we will be able to reach our financial goals for the year! And we might even be able to buy some furniture! I think we will start the 401k program at my work - imagine that! Savings and investments! Perhaps I am working toward the stability I've been craving.