Monday, January 30, 2012

Allstar, Rockstar

Friday morning I was taking Tim out to the VA hospital again. I like to drive through Golden Gate Park because it's less traffic-y and it's beautiful. Around Spreckle Pond there are always some geriatric people doing laughable calisthenics and throughout there are people running. After seeing about the 40th runner I started a conversation with Tim. It went something like this:

me: I really miss physical activity.

Tim: Yeah. So why don't you take Ada and go run.

me: A big part of it is having a little time to myself.

Tim: Oh.

me: Look, if I don't get an hour to myself to go for a walk my head is going to explode.

...and that's how I got to go for a walk Saturday morning.

Except for that I walked for a while until I got to Kezar stadium. Then THIS song came on my iPod and I started thinking about the track workouts I was doing there about 4 years ago. So I ran for a bit. It felt great but I felt guilty and I worried that maybe it wasn't a good idea. So I stopped and walked for a while. But then THIS song came on and I had to run again. I was only going to run to the stop sign but it felt so good to run that I went a little further. And on and on it went.

It was among the slower, jigglier runs of my life but it still felt good...familiar. I ran the LA marathon almost 4 years ago. As soon as I crossed the finish line I couldn't believe how much my ass hurt and I couldn't wait to do it again. One day I'll run another marathon or two. At the moment, if this is what I can get I will take it! I ran to and from work until someone was murdered along my route at the time of my commute. I tried running at lunch but the way my job works it isn't possible. I tried getting up before 5:00 AM but Ada changed her sleeping schedule to get up at the crack of the dawn too. I tried to take her to daycare at the gym but she freaked out one too many times and they had to come get me. So here I am - Saturday mornings (when Tim isn't on call). And she won't sit still in the running stroller - believe me, I've tried everything.

Tim was all anxious that what I had done wasn't safe so I did the only thing I could think of: I emailed my friend who has about 50 marathons under her belt. She ran every single day through both of her pregnancies and I consider her an authority. She reassured me of what I already knew: my body is strong, capable, and resilient. If I felt good then I hadn't done any harm to myself or to the baby. Done deal.

I can't wait for my weekly run/walk next Saturday! 

2 Lovies:

redheadreverie said...

I always tell my hubby that either you give me 45 minutes to workout or you pay $100/hour for a therapist...because that's what will happen if I don't get a workout in. :-)

Oh, and if you've been a're good to go. My friend actually did a 1/2 marathon at 4 weeks preggers {she had no clue she had a passenger along for the ride}.

Keep on running girl...time to be FREE!!!

Lisa said...

Good for you darlin! I don't run unless someone is chasing me. :)