Friday, September 3, 2010

Today was obscenely good.

First of all, get a load of the socks.

Killing me.
Really, just kills me.
When did she get so damn funny?

I have to wonder if one day God is going to part the clouds with His very own hand and come on down to earth to tell me in a very deep voice, "Monica, there's been a mistake. I reviewed your life plan and I'm sorry to tell you that I never intended for you to be this happy." I'm half-kidding. In my deepest, truest soul I know that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be and so is Tim and so is Ada. I was meant to be her Mom. Cosmic and nearly unfathomable.

She carried on with being cute. She's angling to get near Puppet. She loves this cat. I mean, I don't know anyone who doesn't love this cat cause he's 100% tabby fur-coated awesomeness, but still. Look, she just wanted to lay down with him.



Today? Oh, it got soooooo good. I looked at the to-do list and I said, "Buzz off. I know for a fact that you'll be there tomorrow." As soon as Ada woke up from her morning nap we folded the quilt and stuffed it under the stroller along with an avocado and some spoons from the kitchen and headed out for a walk through Golden Gate Park all the way down to the mighty and moody Pacific ocean. I had a hunch that the fear of sand, which, along with bubbles, comprise her "mortal enemies" according to Uncle Colin, might be be gone.
Oh, my girl. My very own Heart. God help me, I thought I might explode today - if you doubt that you have ever witnessed happiness then please let this set you right.



At one point I walked her down to the water and the whole way she squealed, smiled, giggled, kicked her feet, and flapped her hands. I've never seen her so excited about anything. Every time the tide came in she went, "WOOOOOO!!!"

When I put her tiny toes in the water?  
I swear. Nothing more hysterical has ever happened to her in her whole life. Geez. My girl is in love with the ocean. Her Daddy will be so proud! I can can only imagine the plotting to get her underwater with double nitrox tanks ASAP. Hey, the man loves what he loves.


A thing I love (other than my Heart and my man)? My park. I do love Golden Gate Park. Every path, every nook that doesn't already house a homeless person, every gentle grade is special to me.It's in bloom from about April 'til October and it is, in a word, spectacular.


3 Lovies:

Connie said...

What a beautiful post! She is just so beautiful, the song playing when I first started reading was Oh What a Beautiful aprapos!

Mari said...

I absolutely love your blog. Your descriptions and love for your daughter melt my aching heart. I am so happy for you, there are no words.

Judy said...

The socks are absolutely wonderful! She is so adorable! AND now she likes sand - I can't wait until I come out again so we can take her to the beach!