Friday, May 7, 2010

Morning Blue Bird

Yesterday Ada & I were strolling & hustling respectively as we completed our errands for the day - a customary approach to the first day of my weekend. I was lost in thought...just rambling to myself inside my own mind. Among other things, I was thinking about the days when Tim & I could sleep in past 6:30 am. I love to sleep so you can imagine what this thought process might have been like.
I wondered about the merits of alarm clock vs. a little bluebird on the open windowsill. The bluebird scenario would be so nice to wake up to: warm morning breeze, golden sunlight, sweet & gentle song. I smiled then, strangers suspicious of my motive, because I wake up to that bluebird scenario every morning. She has been chirping at us for months now. Sometimes we lay in the bed smiling at each other and listening to her sweet babble. It is the loveliest way to wake up.
This morning was a little different. We lay in the bed both wondering if we might get away with 5 more minutes before we had to go in and get her up. She was happy, babbling as usual and so sweet. It's funny how the universe delivers these things, right on time. This is what we opened our eyes to this morning

I'm totally not kidding. She was standing in her crib, craning her head around the corner, and grinning at us like, "Hey guys!! Good morning!! Time to wake up!! See how happy I am? OK, so wake up now!!" We laughed, I snapped a picture, and then we carried on with the morning ritual of waking up with our girl.

2 Lovies:

Anonymous said...

Is this an "Ada" version of peek-a-boo? Maybe we didn't lower the crib mattress enough?

Ty's Girl said...

I love having the similar experiences! Lily wakes up singing. Best sound in the world.