Saturday, May 22, 2010


It's been cool and windy here in the city by the bay. I know that the Pacific will eventually have to give in and let us have some warm weather...even if it is interrupted by foggy nights. I was inspired to make my summer list so here goes:

1. Spend more time with this one. She'll take her first steps and say her first words this summer. I plan to make the most of those milestone moments. Dang, I just love her so much I can hardly wrap my mind around it.


2. Watch our modest little garden grow and maybe even harvest from it!

3. Have a picnic in Golden Gate Park.

4. Grill out using Tim's Father's Day present ;-)

5. Eat seasonal, local, & organic. We'll be at the Alemany Farmers Market nearly every Saturday morning just like we were today.


6. Go on a camping trip with Ada.

7. Hike Tomales Point. Then eat oysters at Tomales Bay.

8. Learn to make Andrew's heirloom tomato, peach, and corn salad. Cross my heart, it's the most amazing thing ever.

9. Celebrate!! Ada's birthday, Pat & Stephanie's wedding, baby shower for Moira, visit with Violetta, Ohio trip, Lucas and la familia.

10. Make homemade strawberry ice cream.

11. Run.

12. Take a trip to Kansas City to see Heather.

13. Have a bonfire in the backyard.

14. Take a trip to Portland to see Katie.