Friday, September 12, 2008

Clomid, here I come

It feels a bit like a concession: I need drugs to get pregnant.

Day one: I haven't noticed anything new or different. I'm sort of gassy but I am eating more vegetables lately in a lame effort to avoid cookies. I'm trying to drink water - a suggestion from my acupuncturist who says that, "clomid dries you out." Okey-dokey.

Day two: Feeling fine

Day three: Two words - vaginal dryness. I can't see how it is that this will help me get pregnant. My vag was on fire after having sex. I also notice that my temps are running about 0.3 degreees higher than they usually do by his point of the cycle.

Day four: woke up to a hot flash of menopausal magnitude. That was uncomfortable.

Day five: same as before

Aftershocks: Can I just mention that waking up soaked in your own sweat just fucking sucks. Otherwise, I am obsessing about my chart, my BBT, when to start using OPKs, and having sex for the next 10 days straight to be 100% certain that we don't miss that stupid fertile window.