Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All systems 'GO!"

So the reproductive endocrinology black hole did, in fact, swallow me.

I had my consultation last Monday - that was 8 days ago. My RE is a nice guy. He's younger than I expected and he told me funny stories about his Rottie the whole time. He had a new fellow with him and, bless his heart, the guy was trying so hard and worked with complete earnest. So I got thoroughly interviewed twice and examined twice. I'm here to tell you that if there is a life experience not meant to last twice as long, having the ultrasound probe in your vag and pressed against your cervix is the one. Ugh. Nevertheless, I found out that both ovaries are active with about 6 follicles on each side. Righty was the active one last month and is predicted to be the producer again this month. Go righty!

I went for all the bloodwork they ordered on Wednesday (6 days ago). I haven't heard anything about that yet. It was prolactin again and a bunch of other infectious disease related things. I think I'm clean so I hope I'm right about that.

Today was my HSG. They were concerned about my tubes b/c I had an appendectomy a few years back and it was laparoscopic - they make one of the three incisions just cranial to your pubis. Ouch! What I was more afraid of was running into someone I knew when I was in radiology having the procedure done. Who was slated to do my HSG? Peter J - I was at AsiaSF, a transexual drag show, with him a couple months ago. I bought a body shot for him to do off one of the trannies and have the pictures to blackmail him with (there are PG pictures from that night in my FB stuff)! No effing way was he going anywhere near my snatch. So I had a new earnest and hardworking fellow instead. Hooray! My tubes are clear. There was a moment there when I was close to puking - apparently the left tube was resistant and that created some bad pressure. Now the cobwebs are all blown out so the path is clear! All the 6+ tips were spot on. I was glad I had my own socks since I hadn't had my toes done in a few weeks. I am, however, freshly waxed. C'mon. I'm a lady.

This leaves us with no appreciable reason to not be pregnant yet. I'm on to Clomid with my next cycle if this one is a bust (and let's face it, it probably is).

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