Friday, February 22, 2013

Cabin Fever

Before anything else, I want to point out that Playlist is working again. Oh, praise Jesus! The first five songs over to the right there? I can't get enough. If you're interested in some good new tunes that aren't owned by Clear Channel then check it out. For real. I haven't listened to 'real' radio in ages and am all the happier for it. Another good place to get good music is They didn't pay me to say that. I just really love them a whole lot.


OK, back to business:

I find myself searching everywhere for signs of spring, craving the change in the air that invites an open window and imploring the tree tops to show their veil of light green buds.

 photo buds.jpg

We had a couple of warm days last week that teased me mercilessly. A cold front pushed it's way through and now day after day I hear "It's 24 degrees in White Plains today. With the windchill it feels like 14." Again? Well, that's just awesome.

I had forgotten about this particular stage of winter, which seems to drag on and on and on... Weeks ago the snowplows left behind little mountains that have since been covered over with a dirty black shell of ice. Now they rest on the roadside nice and safe thanks to the persistently cold temperatures to preserve them. I feel openly mocked by an inanimate object. It's all good though. I do remember how much greener the first buds look and how much cleaner the air smells when you've waited for them.

 photo IMG_5639.jpg

Daily I mutter under my breath, "We've gotta get out of here." I am, of course, referring to our perfectly cozy house. We spend a lot of time at the library. We have lots of play dates. I go to the gym simply so Ada can run around with other kids, an arrangement that has lost me 6 unwanted pounds in the last month. Nevertheless my toes aches to have freshly turned dirt under them and I long to see the straight little tufts of hair on the crown of Ingram's head and the long curls that cascade down Ada's back blown by a gentle warm breeze.

 photo photo3.jpg

Here is where I find the challenge of being home with them: finding a way to make the mundane tasks of daily life a little more interesting. How to turn Trader Joe's into a "field trip"? Oh, the very words get her excited enough to jump up and down! Lots of 'treasure hunting" (lists with pictures) and "projects" created out of nothing. Today we made easter cards out of some random crap I got from the dollar bins at Target. Watch out family, you've been warned, they make no sense at all. Please just play along, OK? And if you could send her something in the mail that I can sneak into her mailbox, that would be great. A post-it note with a smiley face is sufficient as it doesn't take a whole lot of attention to make her feel super special.

 photo IMG_5651.jpg

The time will pass quickly enough. We have visitors coming, a dear friend moving to the east coast and a weekend trip in the works all before Easter. Meanwhile, all this concentrated time together has led to catching moments like this one

 photo photo2.jpg

I get choked up just looking at the picture of it, nevermind how incredible and sweet the actual moment was. She's a great big sister and they both know it. He loves her so much that he won't sleep if he knows she's around. I have to ask her to play in the next room when I put him down for a nap. No matter how quiet she is, and God knows she tries her 3 year old best, he is straining to sit up to smile at her and play. I hope they stay close for all their lives.

 photo photo1.jpg

Finally, for grandparental and uncle interest, Ingram had his 6 month check-up today (OK, he's nearly 7 months now). 
20# 3 oz (83%)
29.75 inches (99%) 

He's a big guy and the happiest baby. All you have to do is look at him and pretend giggle - it throws him into a fit of hysterical belly laughter. This boy is a light and a joy. You're welcome world.

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Lisa said...

I love the hand holding. PJ & Mags do that sometimes and it just makes me beam. And when they kiss each other good night.

They'll always be close.

Hope you are well my dear.

mommaren said...

OMGoodness...first-time visitor and I love how you capture moments in pictures! Like above poster, your two holding hands really stopped me. What a precious sight. It goes way, way too fast. And enjoying the music! Am following you now!

Unknown Mami said...

What a beautiful post. I hope they stay friends forever too.

AudreyN said...

Oh that picture of them holding hands totally made me melt!

Manohar singh Jodhpur said...

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Dipitie S said...

I was thinking about you and wanted you to know I miss you terribly. Sending lots of love xoxo