Tuesday, September 11, 2012

10 Songs

I didn't open my computer at all yesterday. This morning I was reminded about Monday Listicles and the topic this week is juicy. Could have taken this in any one of a thousand directions but, again, followed the KISS principle. These are the first 10 "favorite" songs that came to mind, in order.

Jailbird - Jim White
Poetic and moving, it's what I would say if I were a great song writer like Jim White.

The Bones of You - Elbow
I have a visceral response to this song. These guys are amazing and lyrically so descriptive. 

Don't You Know - The Sleepy Jackson
Like a punch to the gut.

Sugar Pill - Ambulance Ltd.

Carry Me Ohio - Sun Kil Moon
Nevermind that Mark Kozelek and I both from Ohio. Forget it that, until recently, we both were living in San Francisco. Let's not talk about the time he threw up on my kitchen floor years before I lived in that apartment, or so I'm told.
He is a genius.
Genius, I tell you.

Upward Over the Mountain - Iron and Wine
Pick a favorite Iron and Wine song? Impossible.

A Case of You - Diana Krall
I consider it blasphemy to redo the songs of certain artists. Normally Joni Mitchell would be one of them. This was from a tribute concert where all of the artists did fabulous things with her music but this one? Oh, this one was the very best. 

Charlotte Sometimes - The  Cure
Based on a book by the same name. After Disintegration The Cure lost me. 

Skin Trade - Duran Duran
My love for them will never, ever die. All of their songs are favorites.

Be Not Afraid
A Cathloic hymn, yes. I cry in church whenever we sing this.
Bonus: Ave Maria does the same thing to me. The first time I heard the Miami University mens glee club sing this I had to leave. I couldn't remotely hold my shit together.

4 Lovies:

Kate said...

omg. I am SO out of it. I have only ever heard of the last three. Thanks for sharing the list. This was such a fun listicle!

AudreyN said...

Wow I'd never heard of any of them but now can't wait to add them to my playlist! Thanks!

Hi! I'm Aitch said...

"Disintigration is the best album ever!"

A quote from South Park... and the truth.

Stasha said...

I have 50 5 of your list on my Pandora radio station. Love it!! How's NY treating you?