Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting to Know You

The morning after we moved out of our apartment I waved goodbye with a giant fake smile on my face. I watched Ada trot into the airport and into oblivion dragging Judy's pink suitcase behind her. When she was out of sight I sat in the Departures lane with the car in park and I cried until security waved me on. I sobbed the whole way back to the hotel where I climbed back into bed with Ingram for the next three hours. Just before check-out I wiped my tears, re-packed my bags and took a deep breath to prepare for the coming day.

Since she's been staying with grandma she has decided to start using the potty and now eats carrots, cucumber, asparagus and cherries. Well, alrighty then.

Since then I've been at my dad's house. I have exactly two things to do now: one, feed the baby and two, read books. I'm not one for sitting around doing nothing all day but I keep reminding myself that if I I still had a home and a husband in town this is exactly what I would be doing and would have been doing since I came home with the baby. It's a long overdue break.

While I'm missing my first-born babe like crazy I am taking full advantage of this amazing opportunity to get to know my newborn without distraction. He's a mellow little man. Good thing too, I don't think I would have survived the first two weeks of his life otherwise.


Gram barely cries at all, only when he's hungry. Otherwise he squeaks these tiny squeaks like a velvety little mouse.

He's strong, lifting his head to look at me but, like a newborn, swinging it wildly when he's rooting.


He likes to sleep on his right side - keeping him on his back is a challenge.

Ada still places her dollhouse stuff around the house in the appropriate places. In fact, she's doing this at her grandmas house. Apparently the coffee table is FL, the end table is CA and NY is on the arm chair. She's got it all sorted out in her own way. In this case, the mom with the baby is offered to her baby brother. Later, a stuffed lamb and a pair of sunglasses were placed on him too.

His feet...Oh, help me, his feet drive me wild. Nothing holds a candle to newborn feet with those perfect nail beds and curly toes and tiny soft heels.


Second to baby feet are baby hands. I love how they are always moving. Always. The fingers all slpayed out and directionless just practicing for their future as little lint collection devices.


He assumes the same froggy position he must have known for so long in utero. How else could he have fit in there? I looked down at him once when he had fallen asleep nursing. I could see exactly how he fit inside me. Incredible. And possibly an explanation for why, so unlike his sister, he does not enjoy being swaddled.

Baby butt. After baby feet and hands the butt is the cutest. Oh, and check out his spikey hair. His dad claims he'll get a mohawk when he's 5 years old. Apparently, this kid is going to totally rock that look. 

His first bath done up old-style in the kitchen sink. I had to ask his grandmother to do it because I didn't know how to do it without the giant white tub I've always relied on.

Our present routine is that after dinner I hand the baby over to Rob. Gram is snuggled and held for the rest of the night. He usually sleeps peacefully through it and she gets to relax. Win-win. 

I miss my family unit a lot. I think this is just a good indication that Tim and I have built something really good. On Friday our family will be reunited and I am so excited for that day. Meanwhile, these first sweet days are not being wasted. Gram is my little buddy and what a joy to establish that. For sure, when I look back on this time I will be even more able to appreciate what a gift it is.

3 Lovies:

AudreyN said...

I am so happy that you are getting some alone time in with Gram. I know you miss your whole family, but its nice to be able to hang out with the newborn alone. Just like you were able to with Ada. Its funny how with grandparents kids eat and do all those things you wish they would with you

From A Doctors Wife said...

OK, this is not helping the baby hunger I'm feeling over here! What a sweet baby, enjoy your time with the baby and some good books:-)

Sweet NJ Mom said...

He is just too sweet, Peeper. I really hope to meet him and Ada soon. Hope you settle in on the East Coast easily.