Monday, July 23, 2012

My Sunshine

I'm still pregnant.

Looking at this picture I've simply arrived at the conclusion that the people who invent maternity clothes are just idiots. I'm 40 weeks pregnant. It really is not possible to put my knees together because my symphysis pubis has turned to jelly so that a baby can come out. I would put this skirt away except for that there are exactly 4 things I fit into now and sadly, vertical stripes here is one of them. I'd like to strangle the designer of this skirt.  

I've definitely crossed that line - you know the one. When a pregnant lady goes from being huge to eliciting the "you're about to pop!" comments literally everywhere she goes. It's awesome. The other day Tim and I looked at each and gave the nod indicating that we're both ready. I'm anxious to see how labor will start, progress, how I will deliver, if the baby and I will both be healthy afterwards. I'm anxious to see how Ada will respond to her new baby brother. I know she'll be an awesome big sister.


Family time has been plentiful. Sometimes moments are so perfect that as much as you want to record them their tenderness is so fragile that instead you just exist in it for as long as you can, like listening until the very last note of a favorite song. We're lucky to have this time together without work to serve as a direct distraction. We've lingered in bed over coffee in the morning, read one more story and gone for walks when Ada wakes from her afternoon nap.


Ada doesn't know the details of what's happening and she doesn't seem to care either. For her, we're both present and that is enough for her for right now. What's amazing is to see her come alive under the circumstances. We wake every morning to the sound of her little feet on the wood floor. We pry our heavy eyes open to see her pink cheeks and bed-head hair running our way and when she locks eyes with one of us she brightens immediately. This morning she declared "I'm awake! No more sleeping!"

It's like watching a good movie - I just want to see what happens next.


The in-laws are here. What a blessing! Ada thinks that all this undivided attention is the best thing that ever happened. For me too! This morning Ada and I took her Hooper's Store cart to Whole Foods to get some stuff for breakfast. We got back from the store and I rested for 2 hours. Heaven, I tell you, and completely possible due to our visitors who are easily suckered into one more book or arranging the ponies into a parade on the arm of an overstuffed chair.


Today we went to the Presidio and Chrissy Field to walk around. Apparently the thought persists that if I'm prodded to walk around I'll go into labor. As if I haven't been walking all over this city for the past 40 weeks as it is. Anyway, I was engaged in my favorite past-time: watching Ada. My little free-spirited girl was running ahead of us and back to us, smiling and squealing, stopping to look at flowers or point our a helicopter. There's no question that she is 100% confident in our love and steadiness for her. It's pretty awesome to think that over the past 3 years this being who started off as pure sensation took her cues from us and is evolving into a completely unique being who is secure and sweet.


I appreciate the supportive comments on my last blog post. My girl is strong and resilient and often better at quickly getting to the heart of the matter than I am. Maybe I shouldn't worry so much.


Is today the day her brother will come? I don't know. Tomorrow then? Maybe...while we're waiting I'll take more moments like this one:


I'll just focus on enjoying my family of three while my sweet little girl is still an only child. She has added "You Are My Sunshine" to her singing repertoire and it just gets me every time. My sunshine indeed...


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christina said...

gorgeous post, Monica. it won't be long now- WOW!! :)))

Lisa said...

I'm gonna go with Friday. I like 27th. :)

Unknown said...

Ada is sooo adorable... I can't wait to see your new little one!! Thinking of you and fingers crossed for an easy delivery!


Serendipitie said...

Been thinking about you! Sending you love, sad I won't make it to SF in time, but maybe I can make a trip to NY someday xoxoxoxo