Thursday, February 17, 2011

Opportunity knocks.

It's raining in torrents outside this morning. San Francisco has been giddy with fabulous weather while the rest of the country was digging out of snow drifts. I can't complain about the rain, the chill, or the gloom. Instead it feels like the recipe for a perfect snuggly indoor day.

Ada woke up tired and whiny. On our way to music class she was nodding off in the car so I turned it around and high-tailed it home to get the girl down for a nap. If I miss the opportunity it won't come again until tomorrow. She was fast asleep before 10:00 am. Maybe when she wakes up we'll fire up the oven to bake something with the surplus of granny smith apples we have going on in the kitchen. It will have cinnamon for sure cause it's just that kind of a day.

While she snoozes, I'm going to light a few candles and sink into my beloved couch with a book, a cup of coffee, and a bag of frozen peas for bum ankle. This quiet time is perfect for the weaving of a dream. As it turns out, opportunity knocked on my door yesterday and I'm now in the process of answering.

Pictures later....