Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

The day started off pretty typically - Ada wakes at 6:30 am no matter what. Coffee for us, bottle for her. Then the Easter Bunny's bounty... I didn't get a picture because the the basket was torn into too quickly. She got a copy of  The Velveteen Rabbit (remind me to tell you about my latest obsession), a plush velveteen bunny, two little cups to practice drinking like a big girl, a bell rattle, two little picture books, a pinwheel, and some chocolate that Daddy ate.

I have not one, not two, but three pairs of bunny ears. Ada can hardly stand to have much of anything on her head for very long so that didn't last. Beta, on the other hand was game to give it a try. She's such a good cat even if she is a pest. She looked more like an Easter Buggy than an Easter Bunny. Whatever. She gets points for being a good sport.

We got Ada all dressed up and then we missed church. I think Jesus will understand even though he never had an infant as far as I know. Instead we went to Barnes & Noble. By that time it was starting to get drizzly and dreary. It started  sinking in that we weren't going for a  walk and a picnic in Golden Gate Park like I planned.Too bad as I was excited to watch the big kids scramble around looking for Easter Eggs. We bought a book about homesteading (yeah!) and came home for more snuggle and playtime with our wee little easter egg girl.

 Ada is practicing her Billy Idol sneer. Actually, she seems to have my flash-avoidance affliction. She just might be doomed to a lifetime of avoiding pictures because her eyes will be closed in

In the spirit of once more embracing a rainy day for the gifts it has to offer we settled in. After all, it's all about just being together. Last Friday was also a crummy day weather-wise so we napped and baked oatmeal cookies. Today? The chicken noodle soup (in honor of my germ-gifting visiting husband) is simmering, the whole wheat bread is rising on the stove, the flannel sheets are in the dryer, my new book is on the couch begging to be cracked open, my sweetheart is on the couch too, and my precious little baby is on the floor with her Easter rattle. I'm going to go make the most of it...

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Mari said...

Such a lovely post. Ada is beautiful and I loved her Easter dress!