Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Bit of This & A Bit of That

So much is happening lately and I'm having a hard time keeping up. I seem to remember last spring being the same way. Over the past few weeks work has been demanding. Sometimes I get home after she has gone to sleep. It's so disappointing when this happens. But I love my career, and yes, even my crazy, crazy job!! It drives me nuts sometimes but in that way that your dysfunctional family makes you a little bit crazy but you still love them.

Meanwhile, here's a little taste of what's going on in our world:

The biggest news is that Ada started crawling!! Like, real, honest-to-God crawling. One day she was in position and then a few days later she was scooting along, then came the frog-phase, and now she is engaged in an organized crawl.  It makes me laugh about these baby books that leave a blank to be filled in with the date that a certain thing or behavior emerged. Maybe it's just our experience, but everything has been such a process that it seems impossible to pin it down to a single day.

Ada has two new teeth. We've been waiting for these little buggars to make an appearance. They've been threatening for weeks now! She is so much happier now that these teeth are finally through.  She is making so much sound now: "dadadada" and "eeee" and "ooooohh". Sometimes it sounds like she says actual words like "hey" and I could have sworn the other night I heard her say "I love you Daddy" after he made her do this:

Oh God, my heart might burst with joy and love for this person, my daughter! Every single day I am so thankful for her. You might think that this would wear off but it never does. In fact, every day the feeling of being so lucky just grows. She only has one Mom and I get to be hers! Man, I hit the jackpot!

We sprung for a backpack this weekend. Yup. We've been a baby-carrying family for a while now and while we may not do it with as much fervor as a family who strongly believes in attachment parenting it's OK because we found a balance that works for us. Tim has been taking Ada for hikes on Sunday while I'm working. They've been using the Ergo, which is great, but not so comfortable for long hikes. Besides, she wants to see around her now and the Ergo is not so great for that.  Tim took her to Alpine Lake today. One thing I LOVE about my man is that he has the guts to do stuff like this. I'm too cautious so I think this provides a nice balance for Ada. Check it out, a practice pic in the living room and then next to Alpine lake. My little hiker. My little nature-lover. My sweet little baby girl.

When we came home from swimming and getting the new kid pack we were greeted by protesters. We live 4 doors down from the mayor. SF being what it is, there is always someone bitching aloud about something. Count on it. This time it was the new sit-lie law, which is the only reason I've returned to the upper Haight. So funny- after we pulled up in our piece-of-crap 1999 Pontiac Grand Am (that was hit by a fake cable car while parallel parked on our street and still bears the scar) I was called an elitist by one of the protesters. Uh, this dude was clearly not paying a damn bit of attention. For a law abiding citizen like me, this is exciting as there were like 6 police cruisers along our little block keeping the peace. Here's a picture from my front porch:

Dad and Rob came for a visit on Saturday afternoon. We went for more swinging in the park. Tim was on call so no going out for us. Managing the car and carseat situation is too daunting. So instead we got takeout from Nopalito. So delicious. I made another practice cake for Ada's birthday. There is a good reason to practice. Even with Rob's help (the woman can bake!) I managed to mess up a couple of key details. I'll post a picture when Ada's birthday comes and I've perfected the cake...

Fun times!! Life is so good...

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Her Momma said...

OMG I love her froggy crawl... and the bathtub video= priceless! :)

AngelsAmid said...

that is crazy those protesters right in front of your house!

She is so adorable

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a sit-lie law?

PregnantPeeper said...

Sit-lie law is a controversial proposal here that would make sitting or laying on public sidewalks illegal.