Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Childproofer

His name is Mark and this is his entire business ( He comes to your home to have a look around and tell you where you need to make adjustments so your newly mobile child doesn't accidentally hurt or kill themselves. Our wallets are a bit lighter but so are our minds. Thank goodness we aren't getting anally raped by the IRS again this year (Ada is a sweet deduction). At least we know that these things are properly installed and in the event of an earthquake we are a little safer than we were previously. We still have some issues to address on our own but here's what Mark did for us:

The one single heater in our old house is basically like having an engine block in the floor. It gets really hot. Like, dangerously hot (remember your sweatshirt Mandi? RIP). So Mark custom cut this gate to block off the heater so Ada doesn't crawl over it or fall on to it and burn herself. 

 Our shower and toilet are in separate rooms so we are just going  to block off the entire hallway with a pressure gate that has a door in it. We can go to the bathroom and Ada can't drown herself in the toilet. We'll put the cat litter boxes back here too so that she can't get into them. Gross. 

We're looking at an earthquake strap on the back of a mirror here.  In the living room we have a 6 x 4 foot mirror that props against the wall. Obviously, this is a huge hazard. Not anymore! It is now tethered to the wall at the top and at the bottom so Ada (or earthquake) can't move it. 


We have a few tall bookcases around the house. Some of our very thick, heavy textbooks and anatomy atlases  live in these shelves. Now they're tethered to the wall too. That strap can release so that the case can be moved out for cleaning etc and then moved back and strapped back to the wall. Handy.