Saturday, February 20, 2010

Carry Me, Ohio

The first time we tried to see Mark Kozelek was at what used to be the Covered Dish in Gainesville. Tim, Matt, and I sat on the floor with our beer and listened to the haunting, echoic sound of the former front man for Red House Painters. During Carry Me Ohio, an all-time favorite song of mine, he got pissed off  at the people talking in the background and stormed off stage. I later learned that he is kind of known for getting pissed and storming off stage. Nevertheless, Florida must be bad for the whole talking-during-live-music thing because Jeff Tweedy of Wilco complained about it too.

The next time we saw Mark Kozelek was at the Great American Music Hall. He was playing with Sun Kil Moon and it was an awesome show, partly because of the amazing venue - it's our favorite place in the city to see music. It was that kind of show where the richness of the music fills every crack and crevice of the music hall and you are swimming in it. At the time I was about 35 weeks pregnant, exhausted by that time of the night, and couldn't stand for long. It was funny though to be in the crowd and have people go "Whoah!!" when I turned around and they saw that big, round, beautiful belly that is now my big, round, beautiful baby daughter! During the show, he admitted to having a cat so I briefly thought about slipping him my business card. MK and I are from the same place in Ohio and currently we live in the same city so it's kind of meant to be, no?

In 1 week from now we get to see Mark Kozelek a third time and I am excited. If you've never heard of him I do recommend checking him out as a solo artist and as front man for Red House Painters and Sun Kil Moon.

Here is a sweet, melancholy taste: