Thursday, December 6, 2012

Here's what I love

Want to know what I love?


Look at that. There are four stockings hanging from our mantel. FOUR. That makes me super happy. Given three to pick from, Ada picked the polar bear stocking out for Ingram. I love that his big sister picked out his stocking. I love that we have matching stockings because we are a family.

I have a family. I love that.

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Your Doctor's Wife said...

Awww! This post gave me the warm fuzzies!!!

christina said...

i love it to. soooo much. soo so sooooooo much. can't even put it into words but the holiday season is really the best time of year to be as immensely blessed as we are.

From A Doctors Wife said...

And isn't that the best part of the holiday - remembering the things that are most important to us? I love watching the relationships between siblings develop. What a good big sister she is. And the matching stockings are awesome!

Lisa said...

We have matching stockings too. ANd there are four. And it's awesome.


Aitchie J said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome. This will be our first Christmas with stockings too, for The Boy anyway, and I am pretty darn excited.

Great tree too, BTW.

AudreyN said...

Awe I love seeing the 4 stockings!

Sweet NJ Mom said...

Love it!!!!

Aunt Barb said...

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!~!~!~!~!~!~!
I'm so happy for you that you have your family, perfect family!! This picture of Ada looking at the stockings is ADORABLE!!! I sure do miss you, Tim, Ada, and I can't wait to meet your little Gram cracker. I wish we lived closer, but NYC is closer than SF. I love you too sweetie, so very much. If you can find a little bit of time (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha) give me a call so we can talk.
Lots of Love and enjoy every minute of Christmas Morning. I hope Tim can be home for this special one. Ada is going to have a blast!

Aunt Barb said...

PS Do you have an extra picture of Ada and Ingram sitting on Santa's lap? I sure would love one, or you can send it in an e-mail.

I wish they had little icons we could insert... = )