Sunday, April 8, 2012


We tried before and it interfered with nap time so we quit.

Now that her nap schedule is completely opposite of what it has been before we thought we'd give swim class another try. So I woke up at midnight register her online for the same class as Sarah and Mia, looked for swimsuits that fit her and talked about it excitedly for weeks.

This was the initial result:


Then Sarah and Mia arrived and from across the pool we all heard:
Ada: "SARAH!"
Sarah: "ADA!"
Ada: "SARAH!"

You'd never know they had only parted ways about 16 hours earlier. The rest of the class she looked more like this:


My little fishy is back. And now when we wash her hair we remind her of how she showered with Sarah after swim class  and she miraculously doesn't even cry anymore. Well, mostly that's true.

Last week they told me that I can only take pictures on the first and last day of class because of "privacy". Lame.

2 Lovies:

christina said...

ooooh look how happy she is! YAY for happy swimming lessons! :)

Lisa said...

I feel like a slacker that neither of my kids have done swimming lessons. And I don't even know how to swim.

Yay for Ada! :)